Thursday, July 26, 2007

Any questions?

As this is my 600th post (or so says my Dashboard and I rarely save drafts indefinitely), I thought I'd offer people the opportunity to ask any random questions you might have. As this is still a work in progress - and an informal journal at that - there are likely all kinds of loose ends lying around. I'll take the opportunity to update some of my stories, but if you have questions (though I don't expect you will, honestly), ask away.

How is the Little One?
She's perfectly wonderful and rapidly approaching age 3. Her little sister should arrive in mid-September and Little One has decided she now loves Care Bears. I believe this is due to the baby's room being decorated in Care Bear decor. Little One, if my predictions are correct, is going to be a selfish and jealous little creature.

I predict this because I was largely the same. Upon buying 2 Care Bears before Mom went to the hospital to have Brother, I decided I wanted them both.

"No, Katie." Mom said, holding my hand as she waddled to the car. "Birthday Bear is for your new brother. You can keep Tenderheart."

"I want them both." I insisted and tried various levels of demand and, that having failed, whining then sweetly coaxing. I finally handed over the tiny yellow bear to the tiny male child that was soon produced. He still sleeps with it. I - at some point - got over my outrage that he got a toy that otherwise would have been mine. It was not a fast process.

Still working on that unfair project?
Yes. Yes, I am. In fact, I just asked the other day - in an email to VIMD - if she could think of a project where I could contribute and receive credit. She replied - as we have been relatively friendly in recent meetings as I work without complaint, waiting to see if I can learn anything and being efficient and polite - that she would certainly ask that my name be placed on any papers that resulted from the extensive work I'd done with her. And she'd think about other project where I might contribute.

Will it be worth it in the end? I'm honestly not sure. It's a judgment call as to whether a favor I do will turn around and help me eventually or whether I'm just wasting time. I am pleased that thing - in this particular moment - appears to be going my way.

His wife had the procedure today. He was home from Iraq to be with her so they could mourn their loss together. I was very sorry, but not surprised.

What in the world happened to The Plan?!
Right. Well, I never did anything good for my health, so that kept starting out on the wrong foot. So I just sort of lost track of balance and decided to work as much as possible. I am, however, considering a resurrection of The neglected Plan. I miss it. (And it was never a conscious decision to stop doing it. I think I was traveling or had guests or something else was going on. Let's at least say that's what happened.)

Oh! Wasn't there a boy? Who called? With a weird ringtone?
There was. I think he didn't call back. Maybe it was me, but I'm pretty sure it was him.

I was not all that disappointed. We didn't click and while I miss being infatuated and being in a relationship (and I do), I'm not willing to force it. He wasn't right. I knew it. So I'm glad it's over.

And the precious animals?
They're pretty much the same. Chienne still hides in the tub when there are fireworks or storms. She loves taking walks, but I have to tug her away from the interesting smells. She gets along with the cat, but is terribly possessive of any person's attention when he tries to snuggle.

His Sprout-ness has settled in very well over the past 10 months. He still adores his laser pointer and chases the dot with intense energy and passion. He's gaining a bit of weight - likely because he must eat his kibble or watch the dog (at some point when I'm not watching) devour it. So sometimes he falls off a perch when he's looking out the window, but otherwise he's a cat. In contrast to Chienne, I didn't really want him. But I'm very glad to have them both.

In the event that anyone can think of a question - any question, really - I'll be happy to answer in the comments. (And now we can all picture me standing a podium, looking around the audience with an inquisitive look, then smiling bashfully when I realize nobody wants to say anything. So I'd murmur another thank you and walk back to my seat.)


Psychobunny said...

Okay! This sounds like fun. :)

If you could have any one superhuman power, what would it be? (I would love to be able to glide effortlessly through the air.)

And one you don't have to answer (or have probably already answered and I missed it), but I've always been curious: What color is your hair? (I picture a dark blonde when I think of you, by the way.)

post-doc said...

Ah, Psychobunny, I've missed you. :)

I would like the ability to manipulate time. Freeze it so I can nap without losing hours of the day, rewind it to fix certain moments, fast forward so I can see the end and make sure things turn out OK.

My hair is dark brown with a few strands of gray. I've heard the dark blonde guess from someone else (interesting), but nope. It's nearly black.

Good times - that actually was very fun. Thanks!

Veo Claramente said...


How's the book?

Anonymous said...

everyone's already asked the questions! ie, the hair one would have been mine. though i always assumed light brown.

Anonymous said...

Being a new reader, I hadn't seen your kitty sweet and majestic she looks!

post-doc said...

It's a source of minor obsession. I check the website every week for reports on who else contributed and some sort of schedule. But I haven't heard anything yet.

As for my novel, I haven't touched it in months. I want to finish it though - parts of it are actually decent. Other parts, sadly, are lame.

But thank you for asking! I'm very eager to hear more news about the book, so I'll definitely let you know. :)

Thanks! I think he's fantastic - being very sweet and silly sometimes then almost regal others.

post-doc said...

I didn't see you there at first! But, yes, very dark hair. My skin is very pale, so when I wear lipstick that is at all dark, I look like I'm trying to play dress up. Which is why I so often wear glosses. :)

Psycgirl said...

I expected lighter hair as well! I'll ask a career question - do you want to have your own graduate students eventually? And what have you learned from all of your grad school/post doc experiences about being an advisor? (Just something I've been contemplating a lot lately, so I like to hear what others think)

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