Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gatorade Ring

I woke this morning to coax Chienne outside, making sure she pottied before my carpet had yet another problem spot. Sprout, her feline companion, caught my attention by his plethora of things to do this morning. Apparently he's very busy.

  1. Meow at Katie to refill the water bowl. Darn dog keeps hogging all the water.
  2. Swat resting dog on nose while running by the couch.
  3. Miss.
  4. Try again.
  5. Try again.
  6. Try again.
  7. Spring away when dog growls and snaps.
  8. Find Gatorade ring that FavoriteFriend offered last night!
  9. Bat at ring.
  10. Chase ring when it rolls away.
  11. Bat at ring some more.
  12. Decide to bury ring in the couch.
  13. Carry ring to piece of furniture.
  14. Jump up.
  15. Oops, dropped the ring. Jump back down.
  16. Jump up.
  17. Place ring on cushions and do prep work.
  18. Slide one paw deep between the cushion and the back of the couch. Realize arm is too short.
  19. Fully commit and slide both front paws behind cushion.
  20. Attempt to remove paws.
  21. Fail.
  22. Lie down to brace back feet upon the couch, using them to pull front paws from their prison.
  23. Succeed.
  24. Observe Gatorade ring.
  25. Nudge Gatorade ring toward the back of the couch.
  26. Pounce when Gatorade ring has a mind of its own and veers in an unplanned direction.
  27. Nudge Gatorade ring - once again - toward the back of the couch.
  28. Attempt - using the right paw - to stuff Gatorade ring behind the cushion.
  29. Succeed.
  30. Look proud.
  31. Pride turns to dismay when - upon retrieving paw from the hole - the ring comes with it.
  32. Offer a look of disdain when Katie laughs.
  33. Stuff ring down again.
  34. Pull paw out with much flexing of claws and great care.
  35. Using both paws to jab at ring, burying it deeper in the cushions.
  36. Arch back when dog attempts an investigation.
  37. Bury both arms in an attempt to get the ring back out.
  38. Find mouse toy previously buried there!
  39. Continue to dig.
As Friend still sleeps in the office, Chienne pants on the floor after our walk, and I continue to analyze data, I believe the cat triumphs over us all in terms of productivity.


Littlemankitty said...

Of course!

EA said...

Too funny! :o)

rented life said...

lol. that's just too much. Jack's advice is to play with those straw humans drink out of "my favorite toy, easy to carry and hide!"

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