Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Date Update

“Hi, this is Katie.”

“Well, hello!”

“Hi. Actually, may I ask you a question?”


“What is that song that plays while I wait for you to answer the phone?”

I did finally call him – the rap guy from eHarmony. I did aerobics and thought about it – it’s been on my mind as something I really should do and I keep thinking about him at odd times. We've exchanged emails and he's been unfailingly kind. I’m not one for wondering what would have been and though I don’t know that I’m ready to fall for someone, he did say we could go at my pace. And though my initial email impression of him was less than overwhelming, he did say he was better on the phone.

He was right. He seems to balance the talking and listening pretty well – that’s not trivial at all. He’s smart, likes his job, loves dogs (I’d be friends with him for the latter alone). I enjoyed talking to him, though I did limit the conversation to 30 minutes. I see no need to push too fast. I’m pleased he’s finding other women online – I’d rather avoid the pressure (He offered that over email so we could remain honest). I’d happily meet him for coffee – I’m getting a friendly vibe rather than a romantic one. But that’s OK.

Oh, and the song? Jesus Walks. I, um, don’t know what to say about that. I think that after he told me, I replied something like…

“Oh. Well, now I know.”

I also know I'm glad I talked to him. I'm not sure where it's going - if anywhere - but I'm pleased I called.

So now you know too. :)

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LaKisha said...

sounds nice, so far so good! finding someone honest right now is number 1.

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