Saturday, July 07, 2007


  • We went to therapy yesterday.
    • The drive went well.
    • Therapy was OK - she did a lot more than she thought she could.
    • She came home in tremendous pain and couldn't get her legs to stop hurting.
      • We tried pain meds.
      • Massage.
      • Ice.
      • Each helped some but not enough
  • She had a shower today.
  • Dad went to a cruise in last night and mowed the lawn today.
    • Sometimes he's great with her.
    • Other times I want to kick him in the shins.
    • Like this morning? Mom had to use the bathroom, so we got her in there and she wanted to prop up her feet. Dad insisted on brushing his teeth in the sink that would be most in the way. So I was forced to correct him, which irritated both of us. He's not malicious - just oblivious to better choices, I think.
    • Still. For crying out loud.
  • She is sleeping, though she tends to wake me up right in the middle of a sleep cycle. (That's OK, but explains why my mood continues to deteriorate.)
  • Friend called last night to report car trouble and gently suggested it was time to come home on Monday.
    • She's been amazing and I've imposed on her a great deal.
    • I do have a job, dog, cat, house, life. I guess I'm an adult and need to tend to my own affairs.
    • And there are many moments where I miss my house and puppy and quiet life.
    • Yet I dread leaving with ever fiber of my being. I'm worried and stressed and don't trust Dad to take care of her as well as I do.
    • Aunt is coming on Monday afternoon to stay - that will make me feel better.
    • That being said, I will cry and cry and cry (as will Mom) when I leave.
  • This is hard.
  • But we are hanging in there and continuing to improve.


Anonymous said...

Time to give Dad some credit. He'll be able to care for her.

TitleTroubles said...

Having met both your mom and your aunt, I think they'll keep your dad on his toes. And I think, once he can figure out to do things his way (as opposed to yours), he'll be fine. He won't do things the same way you would, but you don't do them the same way, for example, that your mother would. In the end, it will all work out.

Day ByDay said...

Sounds like you're a very devoted daughter. It'll be hard to leave - but you probably need some time to recover yourself. And coming home to furry companions who'll be delighted to have you home again will probably help :)

The Contessa said...

I've been the caretaker to a parent and I have to tell you that when you are faced with trusting the care of said parent ( or anyone you love) to someone else it's very hard. Even for a person who doesn't have control issues like I do.

I think your dad can handle it but having your aunt there will help a out too. If for no other reason than an extra pair of hands.

I agree with titles. It will work itself out. You got her through the worst times and that's huge.

You are really good to your parents. That's an amazingly lovely quality.

Your puppy and your kitty will be happy to see you!

PPB said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hadn't seen yours before, but I'll definitely be back.

EA said...

Thinking of you, having faith in your dad, and knowing, somehow, it will all come out the way it is meant to...

Anonymous said...

i know exactly how you feel. it is very hard to leave. you are wonderful with her, take care.

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