Friday, July 13, 2007


I am mostly content. Having obtained deodorizing products, my bathroom now smells of fresh linen in a rainstorm on a mountain. So I think it's mostly clean and I will do more tomorrow. But for now, it's getting better.

I am analyzing a dataset in a different way. If the penguin's interpretation is true, my idea will work well. It might - and if so, would result in a paper - but it might not. Regardless, I'm curious and capable and having a moment where I'm rather enjoying pushing buttons and filling in lines in spreadsheets that will be input into some statistics. Good times.

Mom is doing OK. Therapy hurts, but she is stronger and more independent each day. Darvocet seems to be the right way to go for her, so that's a good thing to know. She says Dad is wonderful with the exercises, but is not great with mid-night sympathy. I got angry when he went outside without a communication device (cell phone, walkie talking, anything) to deal with yard work, leaving her without a way to get off the couch. But he came in while Brother was on his way over from work.

My poster is printed for the retreat. I'll pick it up next week. If Friend's car gets re-fixed appropriately, she can spend 2 nights with Chienne while I descend deeper into the south for a stupid retreat. I sigh just thinking of it.

Tomorrow I get to go to Cousin's for dinner. I like Cousin and her family.

The screen of my laptop keeps going black. I can always plug it in, touch the space bar and get everything back. But I'm backing everything up just in case and hoping I don't need a new computer here soon. Though I would sort of like a MacBook... Still, it's not really on the budget at this point.


H said...

Could you get a baby-gate to keep the dog out of the closet?

Anonymous said...

so glad things are smelling better!

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