Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What I know

  1. My cell chemokinase surface receptor of choice mediates angiogenesis in addition to invasiveness. This is a good thing for trying to explain some of my results. I think.
  2. Writing a book is hard. Editing said book is much easier and the novel is becoming quite readable. I think.
  3. Spider webs catch gnats. Or so said the pest guy when he arrived despite my telling the girl at the office that I didn't want him to come. Pest guy said I had to pick my poison. He laughed when I told him I desperately wanted the spiders to repopulate and noted that they'd call me soon to see how it was going. Unless the gnats become violent, I think my situation will likely be the same.
  4. One can develop the ability to catch and kill gnats by slapping one's hands together. I'm now awesome at this.
  5. Chienne begs for attention after barking fiercely at men who arrive to service my air conditioner. She sits, and waves her paws in the air in front of her chest. I've had dogs sit pretty, but this one is the first one who throws her paws around while doing so.
  6. I yell fiercely at stupid, large dogs who try to bite Chienne on the neck three times while we are taking a walk. She's fine (she didn't even growl until the third time, confused about what was happening), but I will call animal control on this family if that dog is loose again. It's way to aggressive to be unleashed in this neighborhood.
  7. I have been having bad dreams lately after a long stretch of pleasant sleeping conditions. I keep reading that people don't want to read about dreams and since I'm one of the biggest offenders in telling dream stories, I won't bore you. But I could.
  8. After ignoring my novel completely for months, I now am moderately obsessed again. I worked on it nearly all day and thoroughly enjoyed the process. But it's sucking up time that I don't really have.
  9. I should be writing a manuscript that demanded all my attention last week. I'm still reading papers to figure out my graphs.
  10. I'd rather write my novel than read papers.


Anonymous said...

i've recently been having strange dreams too, and not sleeping well. what's up, is it the weather?!

oh, and i can't wait to buy your novel!!

post-doc said...

I'm not sure what the deal is. I thought it was picking up the novel again, but now I'm having random nightmares in addition to specific ones. People keep trying to get in my house! And I can never get the door locked properly. Which reminds me that I wanted to lock the deadbolt tonight.

You can certainly read the novel when it's done, but I don't think anyone would be willing to part with cash for it. I'm continually shocked at how much time goes into it though! It's just taking forever to get this written and I'm only halfway (I think) there.

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