Thursday, March 08, 2007

Random bullets, I guess

  • My car is safely at home. Apparently there was a leaky vacuum seal, so for $70 in diagnostic fees, the 'service engine soon' light is blessedly off.
  • I made it to the vet to discuss Chienne's allergies.
    • The food allergies she displayed when I first got her (wheat, soybeans, potato) are apparently not an issue anymore.
    • She isn't allergic to inhalants, which is good.
    • She is, however, terribly allergic to dust mites and mold. So we're starting de-sensitization therapy in a couple of weeks when the injections arrive. I'm not sure I can give the shots myself, but I do hope to try rather than trekking to the vet each day.
  • I did not, however, take my car to work as I was sick to my stomach today.
    • I tolerate illness based upon the distance it is from my head.
      • Foot cramp? Totally OK.
      • Headache? Extensive misery - hate, hate, hate headaches.
      • Stomachache? Not good.
      • Stomachache with nausea? Very, very not good.
    • I felt badly on and off and was reminded of the many days I spent at home wishing people would update their blogs already.
      • Blogs are good entertainment when I'm sick - not much attention required to read bits of someone's life. Movies are out of the question. Sitcoms are best. Dramas are preferable to staring at the wall.
      • I tried to read a book and do some work. I failed miserably.
  • In the absence of reading material, I played with the blog that houses my book.
    • I've gone back and forth on whether to open it up to readers. It's definitely not done, but some of the chapters are quite readable.
    • Others are terribly personal and I winced while reading them myself. So apparently I'm not quite ready yet.
    • Not that I think you're all dying to read it or anything. But I make changes to the blog and think, 'I wonder if anyone will notice!' then remember that nobody has permission to look at the page except me.

Wow. This was random bullets of uninteresting information, wasn't it? That's what happens when I only leave the house for a single appointment and can't focus enough to think of a good topic.

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