Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Day

It's morningtime, so I just completed my walk with the dog. This should come as a surprise to no one, but we did go to the lake, which is a bit unusual. I'm not sure why I don't go more often - it's a good distance and easy path. But there is a busy street to cross and I hate to train my puppy to head that way if she should happen to get loose.

Regardless, to the lake we went this morning, having more than adequate time before preparation for church had to begin. I woke at 5, then again at 5:30, realized I didn't feel well, so I took Advil and finished a book chapter. Not, unfortunately, the one for work. Though I did make serious progress yesterday on review articles and thought - multiple times - "I've heard that word! I've used that word. And now I know what it means! How delightful!"

I think my mood is lifting a bit. I enjoyed the walk to the lake - it's early enough that the evil ball of fire we call the sun has not yet heated the air to an uncomfortable degree. It's nearly cool outside and I walked along happily, Chienne trotting beside me until some smell demanded her attention. When we reached the water, I stood to watch the birds as the dog desperately devised a plan to get rid of me so she could chase the birds. I adore this first photo - if you look carefully (or click to enlarge), you'll see that the ducks have taken a supervisory role. They were busily dictating to the birds in the water. I almost felt badly for them, quacking away as they were. The swimming guys clearly had no coherent plan, but ignored the well-intentioned advice being thrown their way. Behind the ducks, the two white birds (I don't know species - ducks? swans? What exactly do geese look like?) appear to be rather affectionate. I didn't notice them at the time, but I think they're rather sweet. And the little guy just above them appears to be heading toward the boats quite quickly. I admire his initiative.

I liked the reflections in this next one. That's really all I have to say. Well, I guess I could comment that I expected things to be a bit more spring-y down there. Lots of new life and growth and all that. Instead it looked like it continued to wait. There were no little ducklings or goslings running about, little bodies fluffy with new feathers. I hope I remember to go see them when they're around. Trees were starting to bud and there was some sort of white, flowering plant that smelled very sweet in the crisp morning air. It would probably be cloying on humid afternoons, but it was perfect for a cool morning.

I thought the sky was pretty in this last one, grading from vivid to dull. The lake was quiet, though there were several people fishing and more arriving to put boats in the water. Chienne was tugging lightly at her leash, plans - I assume - were hatched and discarded since the collar is a bit too tight for her to slip her head through. Plus, those birds would win in a war - my sweet girl has been coddled into a wimpy state overall.

So, well, nothing all that interesting is happening. I took a walk, saw some birds, took pictures of said birds, posting said pictures on my blog. Little Cousin had a nice birthday party - I enjoyed watching her. I sighed and said "Boots! His name is Boots!" when Cousin kept saying "Dora and the monkey." (Oh, by the way, I found the SNL cartoon last night absolutely hysterical. "Don't question it - just do it!") I giggled when Little Cousin flung articles of clothing over her shoulder as she removed them from the box, obviously looking for an item that was a worthwhile gift. We don't get Little One clothes for that very reason. But she was very sweet, looking around the room with wide eyes as we all sang to her, politely thanking people as her dad pointed to them after she'd open a gift, crying only once when the only other child in attendance would try to play with her newly opened presents. It was, as predicted, a lot like last year.

I talked to my parents, retelling the same stories twice so each could hear them. I was short with them earlier in the day, so I told myself to make an effort last night. It was actually easy - I talked easily with Mom, then discussed cars with Dad. I read some papers and wrote more for my book. Today will look largely the same, though I am considering mowing my back yard. So, well, look at the pretty birds. That's about all I know.

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glad you're mood seems to be lifting! and those anre nice pictures...

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