Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pretty violet

I took a picture of my entire desk area, but I downloaded it at work and deleted it from my camera. Ergo, I can't post it from home. Disappointing - more for me than you, of course, but still.

But! I do have the pretty violets - they lose something when captured on film, but this particular photo allows you to see the abundance of buds just waiting to bloom. I'm very proud of this violet - I think it could be the best violet ever and I look at it all the time.

Ken looked in the trash while he was peeling an orange this afternoon.

"Are you killing your plant?" He asked, looking at all the lower leaves I snipped off per the directions Dr. Counselor emailed me. If it's ugly, cut it off. That's what the website said, so anything that was yellowish or otherwise unattractive was carefully trimmed and thrown away.

"Don't say that!" I gasped. "The violet will hear you! I love it very much and have pruned it as proof of my affection. I will not kill that plant."

In other random news, has anyone burned a WoodWick candle? I find the sound lovely and am captivated by watching the gigantic flame. I'm burning one right now and find it rather delightful.

I find myself wanting to work on some book chapters - both for my novel (yes, it's sad. I know.) and for this actual chapter I get to write. I did find myself a co-author today, so that's wonderful. He has a method I want to apply and there don't appear to be many people working on my exact topic. Which is nice in that I'm doing something novel at my current institution but sucks that I can't steal code from anyone. So I'm going to be gathering some data and drafting out chapters. It's all quite exciting.


The Contessa said...

Your Violet is lovely. I want one that's that color. Mine is more of a Fuschia than a purple.

What a good job you are doing with it! it looks so healthy!

Estrella said...

Beautiful violets!

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