Saturday, December 02, 2006

I went to sleep.

I was going to post something last night - I'm not sure what, exactly, but I typically figure something out. But I fell asleep early and I'm grateful enough for natural rest that I don't pull myself from it unless absolutely necessary.

But I woke up and took Chienne for a walk through the wonderously chilly morning.

Special note to my southern neighbors: When there's frost on your windshield, go ahead and scrape that off before starting to drive. I find it relatively amusing when I first see you, but then when you understandably fail to move over and head straight for me and my little hound (because I know you can't see me - or anything else), it's a bit scary. But then you wave, so that's friendly, at least. We'll call it a draw until you actually do hit me.

In related news, someone did actually hit my car yesterday. Not hard - I can't even see where on the car she hit - but she was avoiding a blowing box of some sort and I, apparently, don't need any room at all to drive my car. She was apologetic, I - because I'm not my father - just let it go. Then I came home and rested from my traumatic experience for the rest of the day.

Amidst my resting, I wrapped Christmas presents, of which I have many. I've been diligently collecting them over time, which leaves me delighted when I pull out items I'd forgotten. I'm off to Kohl's with Friend (after she finishes yogaing) later today, which means I should be showering rather than blogging. I shall also have Thai food and perhaps catch a glimpse of new cats. I'm eager for the former and not holding my breath on the latter.

For now, I want to finish cleaning the kitchen floor around my houseplants. Friend calls it "the jungle" and Sprout has apparently taken ownership of this space. I was severely scolded when I started to water, prune and sweep. He refuses - even when nudged with a broom - to budge from guarding his jungle. And when I moved one plant so he could see out the window, he glared, then - tail twitching in what I assume was irritation - started nibbling on the new plant he could reach. (Will this kill him? I mean, many of the lower parts of my plants are bare of leaves already, so I'm guessing not. But there's nowhere else for the greenery to go! And he likes to eat them.)

Lame Saturday update, I know, but I wanted you to know I'm contentedly decorating and wrapping, cleaning and explaining my actions to my cat.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you fell asleep early and naturally! going to bed early feels so good.

and happy cleaning and christmas present wrapping, how fun!

Abbey said...

As a southerner not used to frost on the windshield, I discovered frost cannot be removed with 1) windshield wipers or 2) window spray. It makes a lovely blue haze that cannot be seen through.

I think Sprout will be fine eating a few leaves here and there. He probably just needs a little ruffage. Hopefully he just doesn't eat your entire jungle.

Sounds like a lovely day of decorating and shopping. Hope you get even more natural sleep soon!

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