Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plan Name: Blitzen

The Plan needs a holiday friend. When I return to my parents’ home, my schedule is irrevocably screwed. I go to bed earlier and wake with the sun. I rarely take morning walks. I eat like there’s no tomorrow. I tend toward sitting with people and talking or watching TV (Save me from A [Freaking] Christmas Story. The distaste I feel for that movie knows no bounds. Or Bond. Hours and hours of 007.) rather than doing something semi-productive.

Blitzen is going to ensure that Christmas is merry and productive! What makes up Blitzen?

Merry 1. Health
  • Walk each morning. Chienne enjoys it and it’s a good start to the day.
  • Aerobics each night. My parents have also dropped the habit of evening exercise and I hope to drag them along with me in this goal.
  • Cookies and sweets should be taken individually. No handfuls (or bowlfuls) taken to the living room so I can eat until sick.

Merry 2. Professional
  • Project Q (I’m forgetting which letters I’ve used): Write abstract. Seriously. Write the fricking abstract.
  • Project X: It’s back. It needs some work. But I have a strict plan and reasoning for said plan. I also have a textbook that I’m taking home to provide support for said plan. Get that done, graphs printed and arguments written.
  • Grant: The proverbial coal in the stocking, but those revisions need to happen. At least get through Boss’s suggestions and try to get more text created (and deleted – if the old stuff doesn’t work, lose it.)

Merry 3. God
  • Read Anne Lamott.
  • Renew focus on morning journaling and devotionals.

Merry 4. Family
This isn’t a goal, per se. If I’m there, they demand attention.

Parents (nearly shouting from the kitchen): “Is Katie napping? I want to go out.”
Other Parent: “She probably wants to go.”
Mom: “You ask her.”
Dad: “She sometimes yells if you wake her up.”
Mom: “She always gets irritated at me. You only get yelled at sometimes. You go.”
Dad (very gently): “Katie? Are you asleep? Do you want to get up, get ready and go somewhere?”


Little One (patting my nose until I open my eyes): “Aunt Katie! Katie, Katie, Katie!” (She never gets yelled at. I’m not evil.)

But it’s constant family togetherness, which is rather enjoyable for me.

  • Try to enjoy it rather than complain about it.
  • Avoid copious yelling when they wake me up.

I think that’s it for Blitzen. It’s time for the animals to get loaded into the car, along with my overnight bag (trunk is too full of presents to fit a suitcase) and work stuff. If I can’t find time to update much while at home, at least there will be Blizten accountability posts. Good times for all, I know.

Merry Christmas!! And if you’re traveling today, it’d be good if you stayed out of my way. Thanks.


life_of_a_fool said...

your parental conversation made me laugh. My dad takes great pleasure in waking me up. I am cranky (though really much less so than I was in HS, which is when he learned his joy in this), and he laughs and laughs and laughs. He's probably already looking forward to the opportunity again. . .

LaKisha said...

I concur: A Christmas Story is whiny and annoying.

Repressed Librarian said...

I, too, join you in *hating* that movie (and if you're from Indiana, you're supposed to love it)!

The Contessa said...

I, meanwhile, love and cannot WAIT to watch that movie! I even went out and bought my vocal coach the lamp ornament as a gift ( hallmark has an entire set).

I grew up listening to Jean Shepherd. My dad LOVED him and we listened to him all the time. So by watching that movie that makes me laugh till my sides hurt also reminds me of some time honored family traditions and I feel close to my dad now that he's gone ( I date myself by mentioning those traditions..! )

Katie, have a safe trip home! I wish you joy love and peace for this holiday!

I LOVE the Blitzen plan!!!! I have every belief that you can carry it off with your usual class and style!!!!

Best Holiday Wishes!!!!

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