Friday, December 22, 2006

Shopping, eating and Blitzen - day 1

“It’s yellow.” Dad offered helpfully as I stood in Victoria’s Secret this morning. “She said if we smelled it, it’d smell like her.” Then he stepped back from the wall of lotion. He’d offered his advice and would purchase what I placed on the counter at the other side of the store.

“Amber Romance, Dad.” I picked up 3 bottles, handed them to him, squinted at the sign announcing their sale and proceeded down the wall, smelling all the way. “Baby Tylenol.” I shook my head at a pink bottle. “Way too sweet.” I frowned at a purple lotion. “What the hell is this?” I asked another vivid shade.

“Here’s another yellow.” Dad announced, still holding the three bottles and sniffing when directed.

“Vanilla Lace.” I mused, unscrewing the lid and smelling. “Like a cookie – I hate it. She’ll love it. We’ll take 2.” I held on to those – I tend toward floral or citrus fragrances while Mom likes spices – and selected a Pear Glace that I found least objectionable. I’ll ask her to wear it while I’m home.

We paid and exited the mall, both of us marveling that it wasn’t busy at all. Then again, it was just after 9AM – people were either working or enjoying a vacation day to sleep in. We don’t believe in sleeping in. I was out of bed before 7, though Mom kissed my cheek before she left for work at 6.

Before she left, I heard her talking to Dad.

“You had nightmares last night.” He told her.

“I don’t remember.” She said.

“You said something about three people. A dead bear, Becky and someone else I don’t like. I said they were all asses and told you to go back to sleep and dream about nicer people.”

“Did I?” She asked, her habit of speaking while remaining mostly asleep legendary.

“I guess. You didn’t wake me up again.”

We picked her up for lunch later today. On our walk into a restaurant on the riverfront, I asked who the third person was in her dream.

“I didn’t have a dream.” She said, confused. We’d been talking about how poorly I slept between visits from the dog when she would steal all my covers, pounces from the cat and general noise where I’m used to quiet and quiet when I’m used to noise. All the background sounds I like are absent, while the sounds of people one wall away are proving a bit disturbing.

“Yes, you did.” I sighed. “About a dead bear?”

“I think you’re the one who had a dream.” Dad said, with a raised eyebrow at Mom.

“Nuh-uh!” I whined. “You were talking about how she dreamed about 3 people you hated. A dead bear, Debbie something and someone else.”

“I did not dream about a dead bear.” Mom insisted.

“I didn’t talk about a dead bear either.” Dad said. “You’re the one dreaming about dead bears.”

“I am not! You people woke me up! Talking about a dead bear, Debbie…someone. Or maybe a different woman’s name…” And I paused to think.

“Becky.” Mom said. “And Ted Bear.”

“Oh.” Dad said, thought, then nodded. “That’s not anything like a dead bear. That’s a guy I don’t like.”

“I don’t know why I even speak to either of you.” I huffed, then considered my menu for the desired lunch I wouldn’t have to buy. They smiled indulgently and decided that Ted did sound a bit like dead after all. Sorry about that.

I was trying to check email earlier tonight – read blogs as quickly as possible, leave semi-coherent comments, answer email – but there are few places to get online with my laptop and all of them involve lying face down on the floor. It’s undignified, but I have an addiction.

“Move.” Little One said as I was sprawled in the doorway of her toy room. “Katie.” She sighed. “Move!”

“A ‘please’ would be nice.” I offered as I rolled and tucked my knees to avoid her art table. She toddled out to find fruit snacks and I gave up on the internet. We have watched Diego save a baby wolf, sloth and pygmy marmoset. She has done puzzles with letters and numbers (she’s quite brilliant) and we each had a glass of water. Mom slept for a little while. Little One finally realized she was left with a less-than-competent Aunt Katie and quickly found her Grandma. So we’re all – me, Chienne, Little One and Grandma – on the couch, watching Diego and Linda the Llama. It’s very, very nice.

Blitzen Update!
  1. I restricted myself to 3 cookies today. A true feat when I wanted nothing more than to stumble out of bed, sit on a stool at the counter and eat cookies until I was sick. Instead, I walked Chienne and got ready for Christmas shopping. I have eaten out twice in one day and helped buy enough food to feed 10 times more people than will attend holiday gatherings. And I didn’t work out – too tired and busy – so this one is hit or miss.
  2. Project Q: Abstract (with figure!) drafted. I’ll send it to the co-author tonight.
  3. No progress whatsoever. I’ll start reading Lamott tonight though.
  4. I’m teasing when I complain. They realize this.
Mom: Do you smell cinnamon?
Me: Yes. It’s really strong.
Dad: Did someone move the book?
Me: What?
Mom: We got potpourri as a gift and it’s really strong. So we put a book over the container.
Me, looking at both of them in vast confusion.
Dad: So…if you smell cinnamon, you have to make sure the book is on top of the container.
Me: Why don’t you just throw it away?
Mom & Dad, looking at me in vast confusion. I then go to move the book back on the container. I’ve done it 3 times since being home already.

Good times. Day 1, and all is well.


Estrella said...

You were brave to shop on the Friday before Christmas. I'm going to have to write more than a few IOUs!

The Contessa said...

I love your family - they are truly entertaining.

I love your interactions with them too!

Good for you on the plan.

MapleMama said...

WOW - only 3 cookies! Good for you!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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