Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks! But, no.

"Do you want to talk to your mom?" Dad asked when I called this morning. I'd snuggled and slept until I no longer felt tired this morning, deciding as I drifted toward consciousness that I'd skip today and go home tomorrow.

Longtime readers may remember my distaste for this particular holiday. For me, it's the kind of minor family gathering that begs for a buddy. And I've never so much as invited a man to attend the annual feast. Which is OK - it doesn't send me into some deep crisis mode as it once did - but I still feel bitter toward a holiday meant to make us feel grateful for pointing out what I want but don't have. Mom was disappointed, obviously, but not crushed. And I embraced the concept of catching up on some work and napping without guilt.

Still, I think Thanksgiving is a good concept. And though I've nary a turkey in sight, I can still indulge in counting blessings. I have decided - in honor of the unconventional celebration I have going - to include only minor and random bits of goodness.

  • Gas fireplaces that flicker and warm without any effort in preparation.
  • Colleagues who forgive my faults and apologize for their own.
  • Lip gloss that makes me feel prettier.
  • Sprout leaving the end of a dead mouse in his food dish for easier disposal.
  • Friend applying for a job! (I grew worried and was getting scolded for my 'helpful' inquiries.)
  • A soft, big bed with upwards of 10 snuggly pillows.
  • Candles scented of laundry detergent.
  • Well-meaning comments and friendly discussions.
  • A cup of chili with sour cream and cheese for dinner.
  • Eating said dinner while watching the SpongeBob movie in an otherwise quiet house.
  • Diet Pepsi. It's very good.
  • Finding time to polish presentations and complete documentation for projects I adore but others see as low priority.
  • White wine. It might be better than Diet Pepsi.
  • A family phone call that assures all is well at home. And they're eager for my arrival tomorrow.

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What a lovely list!

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