Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I don't find voting particularly magical. I listened with some bemusement as people congratulated themselves and each other on standing in line and making a choice. Which is good - yay for voting and everything - but it just failed to do much for me. (Though I am watching results come in. Looks good. Well done, America, but you've let me down before.)


After my 'eh' reaction to voting, I responded with pure delight at finding sunglasses on sale for 90% off. I tried on black and brown, round and oval, big and little. Each was $2.60! Clearance! I bought six pair and was nearly giddy as a result.


After getting to work late, Adam called my name before I made it to my desk. I turned and followed him into another meeting, waiting a few before asking what he needed.

"Do you have to be somewhere?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at my impatience. I nodded and motioned to my hair, yanked as it was into a messy knot, and said I had an appointment with a stylist and had to go soon.

"Obviously," he grinned and laughed without meaning to. "Well, go then. Hurry up - can't be late for something as important as a cut." Exactly, I thought with a grin, and headed out of the office again.


"Every time I have to talk to her," I told Adam later that afternoon, "I want to quit my job so I never have to see her again. Seriously," I shook my head when he laughed, "I do not like that woman."


"You're welcome," I replied again to the expressions of thanks. Our salespeople asked if I'd take some important clients to dinner this evening. We had steak - really good, really expensive steak - and I enjoyed the conversation. But spending $300 on dinner for 4 people still strikes me as excessive.


I expected McCain to win. With the Ohio projection, it appears the Midwest did well. I'm rather moved now, finally accessing the emotion that eluded my morning. I'm proud. I very much hope these results give us reason to hope.


EthidiumBromide said...

Can I make a confession? I would also react with much more excitement to the clearance sunglasses than I did to the feeling of voting.

This makes me feel extremely guilty, as I was a political science major.

rpg said...

I *love* democracy. If if my candidate loses—to some extent, taking part is more important than who wins.

Except today, when the winner was Spot On.

Well done America. I love you guys.

Abbey said...

I also found voting a bit anti-climatic. I stood in line about 5 minutes and then walked home and waited. No excitement at all.

Becca said...

When I voted... especially yesterday... I expected the heavens to open up and the chorus of angels to sing.
Sadly, the reality was rather anti-climatic, compared to my expectations.

Still, I got free coffee from starbucks.

More importantly, I'm proud of the Midwest. And that takes some doing. So there's some magic there.

Anonymous said...

me too, hoping is nice for once.

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