Sunday, November 02, 2008

Photographic Evidence

Deciding we'd slept late and were feeling a bit lazy, Friend and I decided to delay the BAP (Big Amusement Park) for a day. Instead, we ran errands - shopping for clothes and shoes, groceries and alcohol (for a had nary a drop before she came to visit and am now the proud owner of 6 or 7 bottles of goodness. That Friend bought since my credit card company put a safety restriction on the card and the liquor store declined the shiny plastic) and a loveseat for my living room. The day was ridden with problems.

"I like it," I decided as we stared at the leather-look piece. We'd already shopped for clothes and I'd made multiple people sigh as I held up the line since the clerk had forgotten my discount. Embarrassed, but $24 richer, I realized I'd lost my sunglasses somewhere in the store. I tried to brush it off as we stood in a large showroom, surrounded by furniture. "And it comes with the ottoman. With my coupon, it wouldn't be terribly expensive. But do you think we could fit it in the car?"

I turned a beseeching gaze upon Favorite Friend when the guys at the loading dock shook their heads. They suggested we rent a truck and return for the piece, helpfully sliding the smaller ottoman in my Jeep. We returned in two cars ("Why didn't we leave yours at Home Depot?" Friend asked, perched high in a pick-up while twine was wound around the furniture being loaded in the back. I paused and thought as hard as I could, then shrugged and climbed up next to her.)

"Turn left," I suggested and she obediently hit the signal and changed lanes. "Now right," I decided, unsure of where we were in the quaint downtown area. "Huh," I offered once, "I've always wondered where that was! This is like a tour! In the truck you rented!"

"Thanks," she replied dryly, but continued to make multiple turns as I headed in a direction I thought might be correct.

We finally made it, unloaded the heavy loveseat (it contains a twin-sized bed) and left it in the garage so we could return our rented vehicle. "Now," I sighed, feeling grateful but resigned, "I owe you upside-down roller coaster rides. And I hate upside-down!"

We returned home to grill a steak and put together salads, hook up my new printer and coax the loveseat through the front door. While she was checking in for her flight home tonight, I decided (a bit drunkenly) that it made sense to toss the 3 new pairs of shoes upstairs from the foyer.

"Ow," I moaned, hand moving to my nose when a black kitten heel bounced off the railing and injured me. "It hit me right in the nose!" I heard Friend laugh as I went to get ice.

"Fuck," I bit off at one point and she shook her head.

"No 'fuck!'" She chastised me. "The restriction is off your card since you called, we got the loveseat to the house and through the door. The new printer is working. We're drinking. And maybe your nose won't bruise."

It didn't, but I'm still a bit worried I'll end up incapacitated after a day with scary rides. My luck just isn't so strong lately.


Psych Post Doc said...

The love seat is beautiful. And 7 bottles of liquor for 2 women, damn!

Enjoy the upside down roller coasters.

phd me said...

Love it! It looks really nice with the fireplace. Good choice!

I would so love having something like that in my office on campus to curl up in when I need to take a break. Of course, it might require additional tweed wearing and some pipe-smoking on my part to complete my idyllic picture of academic life. :)

TitleTroubles said...

The look on your face as your brain puzzled through the multiple vehicles conundrum was totally worth it. Thinking...thinking...thinking harder......damn.

Had I been less drunk at the time, I might not have laughed at you so hard about the shoe. I would not, however, have been any more likely to tell you that I thought you were about to do something stupid. I know you don't like that, and I don't wish to interfere with the learning process. Good luck building up to that limoncello. Just, um, don't pour it down your pants. Your thighs get oddly sticky.

And I'm always, well, willing to come up and drive a freaking giant truck around tiny streets of downtown historic podunkville. And deliver your furniture. Install your gas tank. Grill your dinner. Install your printer (does that still work? I think that wasn't all that long before the limoncello=sticky realization.) And remember, this time I didn't even make you go upside-down in return.

rpg said...

*resists making comment about sticky thighs*

Oh... damn

TitleTroubles said...

@ rpg: Somehow I thought you'd like that one.

post-doc said...

Yes. 7 bottles. Though Friend had to drink icky wine all by herself and I only had one glass. Before hurting myself with a shoe.

I wanted good furniture for my future faculty office too! Alas, it's not to be. my comfortable loveseat has to live at home.

I had trouble with the multiple car problem - this is why you shouldn't sacrifice my brain cells on roller coasters! And you were very helpful (on Saturday, not Sunday) so thank you. And while I do spill on myself quite often, I'm more likely to have coffee on my thighs. Or shirt. Or shoes.

Anonymous said...

very pretty!

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