Sunday, November 09, 2008

Breakfast, kibble and opportunity lost

“Oatmeal?” Carrie said when she visited me about a year ago. She’d wandered down the hall from the guest room, hair mussed and tugging at her pajamas and stared at where I sat with a cup of coffee.

“Oatmeal,” I confirmed with a smile and she nodded before shuffling back to the bedroom to put on clothes.

“It’s ridiculous,” she told me as we stood in line for a table. “I mean – oatmeal? But it’s just so good! I need more oatmeal.” I nodded in faux-understanding, rarely having craved something so mundane with that intensity. Yet I found myself walking through the grocery store this morning in my pajamas – yogurt in one hand, a box of granola in the other.

I feel I might have perished had I not obtained that specific breakfast treat as soon as humanly possible.


“Hey, buddy,” I said to the stripey cat when he leaped on the loveseat next to me. “How’s Mr. Sprout?” He purred as he curled up next to the laptop. I smoothed his coat and asked how life was going. I sometimes worry over him – there are days I don’t notice him at all. “I love you, too,” I told him indulgently as he continued to cuddle and smiled because he so clearly adored me.

I patted his head before going to get a glass of water, stumbling when he almost tripped me.

“You were hungry,” I said accusingly as he lingered by his empty bowl. “You’re only nice when you want something!” Still, I rubbed under his chin after replacing his bowl, now filled with kibble.



I missed research for the first time yesterday. I did some reading and had this neat idea that made me curious and excited. I wrote out a plan and revised it as necessary, then happily sent it along to my boss and several collaborators. I wanted to work on it!

Adam said no.

“You’re already overwhelmed,” he noted, “so you need to focus, not split your attention even more.”

“But,” I protested, “this is finally something I know and could do well!” I accept (or I will do) that I no longer do research. I also predicted I’d eventually miss the ideas and hypotheses and proposals. I was still struck by how much I wanted that project – not as much as yogurt and granola, mind you, but still! So I’m pouting and disappointed, but it’ll be fine.

After all, there's more yogurt and granola for tomorrow.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

(1) You went to the grocery store in pajamas!?

(2) Your cat lets you go days without noticing him!?

post-doc said...

Yes and of course. I needed the yogurt now and Sprout is sometimes a solitary fellow. I allow him his space.

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