Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parents are here.

It has been a very pleasant visit. In contrast to the previous weekends my parents have trekked northward to stay with me, we’ve been very relaxed. Mom got up and began to clean my refrigerator this morning. I swept ceramic tile and vacuumed carpets while sipping coffee. I scrubbed the microwave while Mom began to cook – putting together a vegetable soup for next week and making a meat and potato casserole for this evening.

Dad made his way downstairs a little later and fixed the edge of my landing – he likes to use this oozy gel-like substance that turns into some super-cement. He climbed on ladders to change light bulbs that I always mean to fix while Mom handled load after load of laundry. I organized my closet, pushing summer toward the back and moving winter firmly forward. Strappy shoes were stored while more substantial footwear emerged.

We went shopping – I took them to a pub I rather like, we acquired some lotions for Mom and she purchased more shoes. Not finding anything I liked – and memory of the forty or so pair in my closet fresh in my mind – I abstained. We deposited my father at the house and continued on to another store, finally completing our shopping expedition around 2:00.

I placed two new pieces on hangers (and, yes, I have too many clothes already. But did I have a pretty, flowing blouse and black jacket? Actually, yes. But the former was a pale purple and the latter was more playful than what I currently own! It has bigger buttons and different pleats. And might be a very slightly different shade of black.) and rested a bit. Dad lit the fire, having watched me do so last night, and Chienne curled up on the loveseat with Mom while Sprout meowed piteously about being locked inside for the second night.

“Did I tell you my story about that?” I keep asking and preen when they focus on me and what I’m saying. (I do like attention.) It’s been a comfort – this time at home and around town, just puttering and spending time together. I’m feeling rested, the house is clean and I even found time to do a bit of work.

While I would have the television off to watch the fire rather than nudging the volume to ‘blare,’ it’s good to have them around. It feels like the depression of last week eases back a bit more each day, leaving me feeling grateful and cozy and as close to serene as I get.


Psych Post Doc said...

Sounds like a very nice way to spend a Saturday. I hope it extended to today.

Amanda said...

I hope that this serenity follows you through the week!

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