Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"Everything is so busy in the mornings," I told my dinner companions as I nibbled my salad and reached for bread. Dropping the latter on my plate, I used my hands to show the movements of the cargo ships and tugboats, crates and trucks. "I watch out my window as I drink coffee and wake up - it's really lovely."

The orange structures seem to keep watch when the boats are away, standing tall, bright and proud against the clouds as they shift from fluffy white to ominous gray and the mountains across the straight or bay or whatever this body of water is called. The boats ferry people to and fro and I have vague plans to board one tomorrow night and watch the lights of the city from whatever exists over there across the water. I just hope - given my newly-drinking habit - they have a suitable selection of wine and/or cocktails. I do enjoy bellinis.


"I've never heard you speak," someone commented and I paused, wondering why she would have. "You do beautifully," she concluded and I grinned at her, unable to resist reaching to squeeze her arm affectionately.

The talk went quite well, though I was, as is typical, exhausted and euphoric when it was over. I have a mostly free day tomorrow and plan to fill it with a bit of shopping and a lengthy massage.

I feel, overall, much more stable than I did. I talked to someone about the fibroid and found his perspective oddly soothing even as it was completely pragmatic. I feel good about my performance on this trip - it wasn't so incredible that I'm superior about it, but it was a solid effort. Good on me.

As happens each evening since my arrival, I'll meet with a group of people and begin drinking within the next hour or so. We hit one of the hotel bars to start, find a nice place for dinner and wine then find a different lounge for a nightcap. At which time I start stumbling around with sleepy eyes and constant giggles.

Good city. Good trip. Good alcohol. I could have done a lot worse to recover from being overwhelmed with my life.

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I'm glad to hear you're enjoying yourself.

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