Monday, May 04, 2009

I meant to tell you.

Re: This post. I did know the guy. He was kidding. Nothing happened.

Re: The next post. Tenderheart is a brown bear with a red heart on his tummy. He got old (like me). Upon the 25th Anniversary of the Care Bears, Tenderheart was released as a white bear with silver accents. I have both of versions. In full size and miniature. (I know. Whatever you're thinking of me - I know.)

Lush gives excellent service. I went to the store at Ala Moana and wanted the Night in for Two so M and I could do facials. They were out of the Ultra Bland sample sizes, but - because I had asked when I didn't see a display - made up a special little box full of products for us. I thought that was lovely and thanked the two women profusely. Then I bought a whole lot of bath products because I like fizzies and bubble bars. Last night, I used a Sex Bomb and, because I was a bit gloomy, also tossed in Sunny Side. I felt relaxed, happy and sparkly (though the glitter did not stick to my skin) when I climbed out of the tub and into bed.

I had my review for 2008 at work. I am officially outstanding and getting better. I was surprised to hear this, but incredibly flattered and pleased. I may end up being all powerful if I can continue to give my heart and soul to Industry.

I had to force myself to go to church. I knew it was important and that I should go, but felt little desire to actually do it. Given that, I think it worked. Praise be to God.

I did wear the red shoes. With the short dress. I ended up wincing at the pain in my feet and tugging at the hem of my skirt. But I was not boring! And I did enjoy the compliments and looking at my shoes during the day.

I had a massage when I was vacationing. My therapist loved my energy. And my giggle. I'm always happy when people like me.


Jenn, PhD said...

Well, congrats (on many fronts!). For the good reviews at work, the wearing of the red shoes and the return to church-going :)

Psych Post Doc said...

Yay for the red shoes, and the great review!!

phd me said...

And I meant to tell you that your posts aren't coming through my RSS feed! I get 15 posts at a time but I'm still behind a few weeks. Silly technology. Lots going on in your life, so keep us posted - especially when it involves red shoes!

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