Monday, May 11, 2009

Stress, Numerically

To the fourth power
I received an email this morning. People are tired of hearing me say the cost does not outweigh the benefit. So they didn't just go over my head. They went over my boss's boss's boss's head. Which is fine, I guess, but it makes me want to do all in my power to make sure the giant company does not do what these people want.

Cast of thousands
I've given talks to small groups. Regardless of how important the attendees are, I tend to embrace the intimate gatherings. I enjoy the questions and comments and establishing a rapport. I like talking to hundreds a bit less, though I can pull it off. There is a pretty intense amount of stress beforehand but I can level out soon after climbing the steps to the podium and deliver a reasonable message. When faced with a last-minute request to address about 2,000 people, I'm starting to freak out.

Minus One
Chienne went home with my parents as I'll be traveling most of this week and all of next. I miss her. A lot. When I go to sleep, wake up, sit down with my laptop as I drink coffee, come home from work, have a late supper - there's this strong sense of something being missing. While it is nice that Sprout is getting extra attention - he sleeps in her spot and sits in her chair now - but I still miss the puppy.

There are still bugs. After forty-four revisions, there are still bugs! And they aren't even that hard to find! Which makes me utter another word that begins with f.

I left work, walking through the last of remaining daylight and admiring the blossom-laden trees scattered throughout the parking lot. It was late and I was tired, knowing I had yet to pack. I left my laptop in the car, knowing the rest of the problems and concerns will still be there tomorrow.

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