Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Shoes

“Wow,” he commented when he opened the box. I looked up from my examination of my wallet, searching fruitlessly for the department store credit card, and tucked my hair behind my ear as my expression went from annoyed to inquisitive.

“Oh,” I replied upon seeing what had elicited the remark. “They’re cute, aren’t they?”

“Red high heels?” he grinned at me. “They’re very nice, but not necessarily cute.” I opened my mouth to reply, realized I didn’t know what to say, blushed a bit brighter and shrugged. Having checked sizes, he returned them to their box and replaced the lid.

It will come as no surprise to anyone when I announce that I am boring.

Today, for example, I woke up and said good morning to my dog. I came downstairs and filled Sprout’s bowl with kibble before making coffee. Frowning darkly when I realized a colleague hadn’t replied to my Important Work Request, I answered a few notes, finished a blog post and looked at the clock.

I took a quick shower and put on clothes before heading to church, unable to decide if the plain glass windows made me admire their simplicity or if I missed stained glass. I repeated statements and sang songs from memory, more pleased with the acoustics created by the gently curving wooden ceiling than with any emotional connection to the service. I was vaguely bothered by the splitting of communion into bread and then wine rather than bread and wine at once – the latter is just more efficient. I was more concerned that I wasn’t feeling inspired to be more faithful.

“Don’t write that down,” I nearly said after the woman before me used a pencil to place my name on her bulletin in shaky script. “A couple months,” I had replied when she asked how long I’d been in town, blinking in surprise over the lie and baffled as to why I’d told it. I turned down her invitation to join the congregation for coffee, worried I’d tell them I was a circus performer and had flamingos for pets.

I pulled neatly into a spot at work, wandering to one of the labs and preparing for tomorrow. Pleased with my progress – I am learning and becoming more useful! – I straightened up and left a couple hours after I arrived. Tempted to go home, I decided that shopping appealed so I made a quick detour to wander aisles and rifle through racks.

I started with shoes and immediately coveted the red pumps. Peep-toe with a moderate heel, I lifted one shoe from its playful display and smiled before replacing it on the shelf. I walked around, slipping off my sensible beige flat to try on equally pieces of footwear, and ended up where I started, looking at the red heels.

I frowned as I pranced around in them, trying to balance mild discomfort versus aesthetic pleasure. The latter won pretty easily and I tucked the box under my arm as I searched for an outfit worthy of the flirty shoes.

Not much later – I’m pretty decisive – I stood in the fitting room with khakis and knit top neatly folded in the corner. I looked thoughtfully at the dress I was wearing, a black and white print shapeless as it was short. I smoothed it over my hips, gasping with delight when I found pockets. I can carry my cell phone and feel when it vibrates! I won’t have to look in my bag for lip gloss! Immediately deciding it was a delightful garment, I paused and reached for the shoes.

“Hmmm.” I murmured as I turned, realizing attention was drawn immediately down a good deal of exposed leg to my feet. After a moment’s consideration, I decided it was a good departure from what I’d typically wear. At least it wasn’t painfully boring.

When my blush faded from the clerk’s comment, I headed home and ran upstairs to try on my outfit again. With black flats – I have three pair of those – the dress is adorable. It has a high neck and cap sleeves and a rather retro pattern – very cute. With the red heels, I’m nearly – but never quite – sexy. It’s like I don’t mind if people notice where the hem hits well above my knees or how the silky material skims over curves.

The problem is, I might mind a little. It’s an odd feeling for me so while I’ve decided to wear the dress tomorrow, I’ll have to let you know if I end up with adorable black or sexy red on my feet.


Psycgirl said...

Katie, I don't think your day sounds boring, it sounds like my perfect day!
If you wear the sexy red, you must post a picture for us! (I vote you wear those)

Psych Post Doc said...

Go for the red, they sound fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Go for the red shoes, but bring a pair of flats along should they become too incomfortable!

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