Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dandelions, pine cones and bright green grass

It's rather lovely to have put the camera away.

I felt like I was constantly snapping photos, trying to capture images of the impossible beauty that surrounded me in the south Pacific. It's more pleasant than stunning here - various shades of green as the grass grows happily through weeks of alternating rain and sunshine. There are still, fluffy clouds in a pale blue sky and the buds on different trees appear in various soft green hues. There are the occasional daffodils and tulips, appearing as small pastel patches amidst a palette of rich earth tones and the river reflects the scene faithfully.

"Well, come on," I told my dog, motioning her out the door. We stepped into the sunshine and she soon flopped on the grass as I picked up sticks and bits of trash before starting the lawnmower I'd tugged from the shed. I walked over the slope that comprises the backyard - far more Chienne's than mine - and skirted bushes and trees that previous owners had planted.

I thought, as my hands went numb from the mower's vibrations, that the pinecone nestled at the base of the tall tree with long needles was rather pretty. That the dandelions should probably be poisoned, even if they did look rather sweet and happy throughout the yard. I waved at my neighbor as she pruned a tree that was beginning to bloom in bursts of white. And I breathed in the familiar grassy scent as my neighbors and I worked in buzzing harmony to trim yards.

I gasped with utter joy when a red sign announced an opening date for the Target being built not 2 miles from my house. "July!" I told Chienne, for she can't read, and she dutifully wagged her tail as she perched in the passenger seat, red gas can newly filled in the back of the Jeep.

I laughed on the phone with Mom, looking forward to her upcoming visit. "You don't need to be here," I offered as the girls played in the background. "It's just an ultrasound." But I was relieved when she insisted. My parents do take care of me - deck and balcony freshly painted, books alphabetized (I don't know why) and house clean from their last visit. But we rarely spend time together without distractions.

Sprout is standing guard at the patio door - he likes the sun, but grows frustrated with his inability to kill the birds that chirp nearby. I believe I'll find a church and worship this morning and spend the remainder of the day getting caught up at work.

It's not photo-worthy, but it is rather nice.

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Estrella said...

I'm finally catching up on reading my favorites ... Hoping all is well with you. (Oh, and I'm jealous that Target will be 2 miles from you!)

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