Monday, October 08, 2007


  • My talk is basically done.
    • I made all the arrangements and sent my abstract.
    • I'll be presenting on my just-submitted paper, my graduate work and my book chapter.
    • Yet it won't run over 40 minutes.
  • My paper got bounced back today.
    • There were formatting issues.
    • I didn't care for the picky pre-review.
    • I also didn't need certain words capitalized. It seemed like overkill.
    • I was basically irritated at the whole thing and spent an hour trying to decide where else to send the paper.
    • Then I spent 20 minutes fixing my mistakes and resubmitted the document.
  • I don't feel well.
    • I had trouble with a migraine today that is stubbornly hanging on.
    • My tummy also doesn't feel well.
    • I think stress is wearing me down.
  • Mom is feeling a bit better. (Hooray!)
    • She says every day is a tiny bit easier.
    • She's having trouble with therapy, but they're finding ways to bend her legs without hurting her abdomen.
    • Dad goes back to work tomorrow, but she has plans to go get bottles for Smallest One.
    • We still talk at least twice a day.
    • I still sleep with the phone in my room in case I need to hurry home again.
  • I'm still struggling to write very much.
    • I thought about writing about how I wish I had someone to love. Or rather someone to love me and take care of things.
    • Friend and I are struggling, but that's too personal and important to discuss here.
    • I'd like to write a post on gender problems from my perspective. But I can't gather my thoughts.
    • I'd like to finish the second part of my book. I even know what parts I want to fix, but I can't seem to find the focus.
  • Up Next
    • I have a massage scheduled tomorrow!
      • It's been 2 months since I've had one.
      • I miss massages.
    • I made an appointment to give blood on Wednesday.
      • After watching volunteer blood drip into Mom, feel queasy all the while, I decided that I could try to give some of mine.
      • I hate needles.
      • I also believe I can smell blood. I don't like it.
      • I'm afraid I'll do really badly once I get there.
      • I'm already nervous.
      • But I'm going to try.
    • I have a meeting about a new project on Thursday, I think. I like new projects.
    • I'm driving home on Friday or Saturday. I have a new audiobook for the trip.


Propter Doc said...

I hate needles too and started giving blood to get over it. I'd watch though, if you're too run down, it may make you feel quite ill to donate. Make sure you've had a good meal before hand and take some snacks and cool drinks just incase!
I'm glad your Mum is getting a little better. I also hope the talk goes well.

Anonymous said...

yay on being almost done with the talk and mom feeling a bit better!

i hope your migraine goes away SOON.

post-doc said...

Good advice - I will follow it. I want the experience to go as smoothly as possible and my being dreadfully ill would be bad.

My head is a bit better today so I think your hopes helped. :)

Amanda said...

I haven't commented on your blog (but have been lurking for a while-- I found it on Scientiae).

I just wanted to let you know that I really admire how you drop everything to be with your family when you are needed. I know how hard that is to do and I think that you should take it easy on yourself.

post-doc said...

I'm not taking it so easy on myself. I will work on it though - thank you. And thanks for commenting! It's always a nice surprise for me to meet someone new.

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