Friday, October 05, 2007

Less work. More reward. But not anytime soon.

I slept very little last night, rising around 2:30 to spend 2 hours working on my interview talk for which I made figures before going to bed. But I got up at 6:00, drank coffee, walked the dog and got ready for work.

Mom was feeling reasonably well when I talked to her this morning. We talked and laughed while I fought traffic. It made me relieved and happy. I also emailed Elle yesterday and today and though I miss her so much, it's comforting to write and read and remember when she lived right down the hall from me in college.

I arrived at work before 8:30. I checked email and made it to my meeting by 9. Where I waited for VIMD for the second day in a row. Then we did a bit of work before she left me to wait again. We finally finished after working for 10 minutes and waiting for nearly 40.

So after I was finished, I went to the cafeteria to get a muffin and sweet tea.

I gathered files for my 11:30 meeting, started to edit the chapter I printed, filled out the online industry application and made travel arrangements for said interview.

I faxed a form for my background check and changed the printer cartridge for my office. Then I took the cartridge back out, removed that little protective strip, got ink on my hands and shoved the cartridge back in. I felt reasonably proud after that.

I met with Steve about the last section of the halfway-done paper. I have to do more analysis before he'll help me with this one section. But it makes sense - I'll do it this weekend. I returned to my office to check the files I transferred yesterday for New Project.

I got free lunch for the seminar, which was mediocre. (The seminar and the lunch.) On the way out, I dropped my plate and the uneaten chips fell to the floor. And I was embarrassed. I blamed exhaustion for my clumsiness.

I finished marking up my chapter and prepped for the meeting with Dr. Icing. I did another lit search for halfway-done paper and updated my to-do list that continues to grow despite considerable effort to shrink it.

I bought an audiobook - the series is rather cute. I also listened to Austenland on the way home last Friday. Carrie recommended it and I enjoyed it. It's a nice way to spend some time in the car if you do audiobooks.

"Where are you?"

"I'm sitting outside your office." I said into my cell phone after answering it. "Where are you?"

"I'm on my way. Two minutes." Dr. Icing said, then hurried in the door soon after hanging up.

"Sorry. And I didn't read the newest version of your paper. Sorry about that too."

"That's OK." I said, feeling immeasurably tired. I fixed the one thing he wanted, said he could have the weekend to read, but I was ready to submit. Smiled when he told me to correct that one flaw and push the button to get this out there. Shook his hand warmly and thanked him - as I thanked everyone else today - for asking after Mom.

"I can't do any more." I told Ken, packing up my bag with work I very much hope to do this weekend. In addition to caring for the lawn, grocery shopping and cleaning. "I'm going home."

As I waited in traffic, I called home. Little One was visiting for a little while and Mom sounded tired but fair. Then I decided to call Charlie, too tired to be overly disappointed with leaving a message on his machine. He called me back while I was still in traffic though and it was lovely to talk to him.

I came home, made the correction, uploaded files, checked the pdf and submitted my paper. Then I typed my handwritten corrections into the Word document, scanned my copyright form and ftped my chapter to the appropriate location. Then I sent an email to the publisher letting them know it was done.
I wrote my abstract for the interview talk and emailed my contact person with my itinerary, a question and the abstract.
I'm transferring files over to my PC in the office to get them ready for next week. I also put the pile of papers for half-way done manuscript in my bag to deal with tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or next week.

I have been craving boneless buffalo wings and Pizza Hut has them! And they brought them to me! I found time and energy to write a blog post. And soon - very soon, I think - I will get to sleep. Since I did work hard today, perhaps I'll throw in one more perk and take a shower before bed.

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Estrella said...

I totally need to set up a work/reward system for myself. I've been kinda lazy lately. I'm glad things are looking up for you ... and Austenland sounds intriguing. (I looked it up out of curiosity because I love Jane Austen!) Audiobooks are wonderful to listen to when driving ... I love them.

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