Friday, October 12, 2007

Quiet, but fine.

I realized that when I don't post there could be some concern that I have gone home to problems. I am supposed to go home tomorrow, but everything appears to be fine.

I spent 2 hours in a meeting in the morning yesterday trying to understand a project that I don't know how to do. I'm their expert in my field (which always makes me cringe) and I pretended I had some ideas, but I really do not. Curses.

I spent 5 hours in an office yesterday afternoon trying to make a measurement work that had oodles of problems. By the time we finally got through it, the results weren't even interesting. Which sucked. A lot.

I've been battling headaches so I went to bed early last night. Then got up, propelled by frustration over my day at work and tried to fix Carries project until 2AM. I went to bed, feeling as if I was on the right track, only to spend today refining my troubleshooting technique.

All of this should have been straightforward and simple. Yet it is not. Which leaves me feeling less than confident and more eager to sleep my headache away.

After I try this one more thing.


Psychobunny said...

You've been going at full speed for a long time now. You can't care for everyone all the time without risking burnout. Take some time for yourself! I demand it. And we all know that I have the authority, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

hugs!!! feel better.

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