Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To Do

Data takes a long time to process and often requires a ride on the USB drive to use different programs on separate machines. While files were moving or slowly evolving into a more useful form, I decided to solve some problems. Several emails I've sent multiple times are repeatedly ignored. Yet when I recall said problems in the middle of the night and worry, I send email. Then forget about it until the next time I'm trying to fall asleep and sit up to fret again.

I need access to a database. I finally finagled the right person and got the appropriate permissions and signed the form someone sent. Someone has ignored all communication since then. I now have a signed form and no access to the database. Not much progress. Yet other than wandering the halls, yelling "Does anyone want this form? Hello? I'll trade you a form for a password! Please?" I don't know what to do from here. So I called someone again and left a voice mail. Problem duration: 6 months +. Solution thus far: Unsatisfactory. Proposed Fix: Call again Thursday. And every other day until someone gives me what I want.

I have a project - my favorite - that is sorely neglected. I have enrolled very few patients so each is precious to me. Therefore, when I realized today that I likely missed a follow-up opportunity because someone else ignored many of my emails for the past weeks. I realized I could use a different source, and he confirmed the patient had returned last week. Due to long commute times and a poor prognosis, I'm unsure as to whether said patient would return to see me. I'm annoyed and disappointed. Problem duration: 6 weeks. Solution thus far: Bad, bad, bad. Someone else ignored me and will now ruin this patient in terms of my study or inconvenience him if he returns. Proposed fix: I called and left a message requesting the patient call me and I have an idea on how to make this work if he'll return. If not, I'll deal.

I required a certain kit and asked Jill to place an order long ago. I don't often order supplies, so I wasn't sure how long this would take. Plus, I kept forgetting about it. I finally remembered to ask Jill today and she wanted an email to remind her. She found me this afternoon and announced they hadn't put a name or department on the address label so it was returned once delivered. She was "livid and gave those people a good talking to." Problem duration: 2 months. Solution thus far: Lovely. Don't cross Jill. The kit should be here in 7 days and I am to notify her if it does not so she can call and scold them sternly again.

I have several information and disclosure forms to fax for an upcoming conference at which I will present. I obtained the long distance code, proceeded to the fax and tried to send my pages. I failed - I'm never good with fax machines. I asked someone for help and tried their suggestions. Failed again. Problem duration: More minutes than I will admit. Solution so far: No faxing for me. Proposed solution: Feeling stupid and a bit sad, I decided to scan them in at home and email a pdf. I'll go do that momentarily.

My cell phone doesn't work right. I can't use any headsets and expect anything better than a vague idea that someone might be at the other end of the line. I can only talk with my left ear unless I want to hear a disconcerting echo. I don't have a land line. I don't like talking on the phone but it'd be nice to have some decent way of doing so. Problem duration: 2 months+. Solution thus far: Talk with phone exclusively on the left side. Be irritated. Proposed solution: Visit Verizon store and have them fix my problem somehow.

The gnats appear to be bigger in size but smaller in number. I hope they have stopped reproducing. I have not yet heard from the pest people. Problem duration: 1 month. Solution thus far: Multiple phone calls, letter demanding refund. Proposed solution: Wait, then attack again.

Chienne and Sprout both need physicals. I need to schedule those. I should get my eyes checked. I despise the Focus contacts for astigmatism. Evil, uncomfortable suckers. I need to weed my flowerbeds, but it's so darn hot all the time. I also have been avoiding discussing something with Boss about my leaving. He wants to resubmit the grant and I will refuse - I just don't want to be here anymore. Which means I need to start contacting folks in industry that I know. I also want to steam clean my carpets. I have a device that does it - I just need to refill it and push it around. Yet I avoid doing so like the plague.

I obviously avoid a lot of problems, which is why my list could be much longer. But I am sleepy and have promised Friend to help her with some experiment tomorrow morning between running more code in my office. So I'll rest and see if I can come up with something less whiny tomorrow.


ppb said...

All the things you've listed are the types of things that make me crazy.

Anonymous said...

hang in there, katie!

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