Monday, August 27, 2007

Ankle update

The foot is very swollen - it's ugly and puffy and gross. But people at work were impressed and sympathetic. Which is good, I suppose.

"Ken?" I asked. "If I take off my uncomfortable boot, would you mind getting my ice pack out of the freezer?"

"Friend?" I wrote later. "I'm kind of queasy and didn't bring any lunch. Are you going to eat? Would you get me something too? Oh, and bring it here to me? Please and thank you."

When Boss looked on in concern, Jill said, "Well, bless your heart. What can we do?"

I told them Friend had driven me in, but I would likely work from home a couple days this week. They said that was fine, but I could call if I wanted a ride anywhere. I thought that was nice.

After Friend had brought lunch and stayed to keep me company (while I printed out nearly 200 pages of part 2 of my book - some of that text has to go.), I started to count minutes until I could have more Advil. I couldn't tuck my feet under my chair - as is my habit - and I grew uncomfortable, shifting from side to side and feeling my back and shoulders ache. I did get quite a bit done. I was uncomfortable so I worked steadily for distraction more than anything else. I solved a long-standing software problem, tackled a hypothesis that seemed too complex for my mental state (though I did finish it), then finally sent Friend an email saying that I wasn't doing well at all.

"[Department]. This is Katie." I chirped when my phone rang.

"Not feeling great?" Friend asked and I sagged and allowed my voice to reflect my misery.

"I'm OK." I said, hoping my discomfort was evident in my tone. "But I'm starting to hurt. And 6:00 seems very far away. But I'll be OK."

"We could leave earlier. Maybe 30 minutes?" I accepted gratefully but told her to take her time.

"Ken?" I said when he came back - it was almost like he was avoiding me or something. "Would you get me some water? In my mug? So I can take more pills?"

He returned with ice water and offered to fetch some fruit and cookies from the break room. I thanked him, but refused, then tried to finish the task I was tackling.

When Friend came, I quickly struggled into my boot and stood to leave. I forgot the USB drive that helpfully contained much of the data I need to work from home. Poor, long-suffering Friend said she would retrieve it tomorrow. But she will be rid of me for a couple of days. I have food, the ability to walk around my small home and, hopefully, enough distractions so that I don't go insane from boredom. If you people could write posts on your blogs or send me interesting email, that would help considerably. My terribly bruised ankle, ugly swollen foot and very awkward way of walking would appreciate the help.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope your ankle starts feeling better soon! Take care of yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

oh dear. i wish i had something exciting or interesting to say!! may i recommend a two week trial of netflix to commence immediately?!

phd me said...

So sorry about the ankle! Hope it heals much faster than expected. And I like justme's idea of netflix!

Seeking Solace said...

So sorry to hear about the ankle. Get some rest!!!

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