Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now I update (not in numerical order)

Awwww (6) DaybyDay wrote a post. It was for me. I was filled with affection and appreciation because of the gesture - I thought it was sweet and lovely and wonderful. And given that I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with myself from here (if my ankle survives, of course), I found it interesting and useful.

Sigh (1)
Industry Giant called. We talked for 30 minutes and I hung up, realized I was sweating and sighed with exhaustion. Then I tried to prepare myself because he was calling to finish up later on. After about an hour of conversation, he finally called it good and told me he'd pass the information along to his manager. So I'm waiting again and am not completely convinced this is the job for me. But I'm too tired for in-depth analysis.

yay, tentatively (8) I worked on my talk while waiting for both parts of the interview. It's not bad at all. I just need to talk through it more and decide where I'm struggling. So that's coming along.

Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow (2) Ankle continues to hurt. I believe it is dying. It pretends to be reasonably functional then throbs like crazy. This pattern is not cool. Also, the bruising is extensive and hideous.

Good (3) Mom called the nurse at her knee surgeon's office. They don't know details of this procedure he proposed, but Mom seems driven to work hard in therapy and avoid going back to the hospital.

Also good (4) She also sounds stronger and more stable. Stupid doctor shouldn't have made her feel badly about herself and I will attack if necessary at her next appointment. (I have a giant boot.) But for now, all is well.

Ew. Still. (7) Dog's ear is still puffy. But she seems fine. She does, however, miss her favorite friend. She pines when Friend is away - waits in the office, cries at the door and is beside herself with painful (for Friend, who must fend off lunges and kisses) joy when Friend comes back.

Nooooo. Still. (5) I didn't go to work today, so I still have to deal with Henry tomorrow. Luckily, I still have my boot.

Now I should shower and rest. And prepare to complain more later.

Edited to add: We all knew this day would come, though I tried to shield you from it for as long as possible. But I must display the horror of my bruises and the continued swelling of the ankle that refused to heal. I'm sorry. But look how icky! Don't you feel awful for me? I feel awful for myself.


Day ByDay said...

I'm glad to have helped brighten your day! I can totally understand the anxiety you have with the interviews. Heck, I feel nervous just reading about it, and I don't even have any impending interviews in the near future to worry about! But I'm glad that the interview itself seemed to go well (despite the perspiration) - but sorry to hear that you are doubting if it is a good fit.

You seem to have a better idea of where you want your career to take you next, so I'd say stick to your guns :) Don't settle.

How much longer do you have in your current postdoc?

post-doc said...

You're the bestest. :) It was tense - I get very nervous when interviewing but can eventually relax into it. Part 2 was much easier than part 1 for me because I was more clear on what to expect.

I have a strong idea of what I don't want in terms of a research environment. But when it comes to industry, I'm much less certain. So I'm kind of feeling my way along here, trying to see what happens and how things feel.

I do have another 11 months of funding on my current postdoc. So there's no huge rush to head out - I just don't want to miss the right opportunity if it comes along, especially given my geographic constraints.

Estrella said...

Your ankle: Ouch! Looks quite painful!

Congratulations on becoming an aunt again! :-)

EA said...

Oish! You really did a number on that ankle. Take good care of it!
Congratulations on the new niece, and I'll look forward to hearing how things progress with the phone interview.

Anonymous said...

omg, your poor ankle!!

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