Thursday, August 30, 2007


"Tell her." I heard Mom say after I missed a call - being in bed when the phone rang in the living room - and called her back.

Little One's voice came through, though I smiled upon guessing what she was to tell me.

"I have a new sister!" She said in her sweet voice.

"Well." I said, blinking against tears when remembering how small and lovely she was after being born. I was terrified of her, frankly, and would only hold her when I was safely seated and someone would place her tiny body in my arms where I would tuck her close and rock in the chair. "Good for you! Congratulations!"

"Tell her you'll see her tomorrow." Mom instructed.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" She said and I smiled.

"No," her grandmother correctly gently. "Aunt Katie will be home in a few days. We'll go meet your little sister tomorrow."

After talking to Mom for a moment, I picked up the computer to make a note of how I learned of Smallest One's arrival. She and her mother are doing well, though Brother has yet to inform us of her weight and height. August 30, though. Seems a good day for a birthday.

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Anonymous said...

awww. congrats to you auntie!! a new baby (girl especially!) is always so exciting!

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