Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Now I whine

Nooooo (1) Industry Giant person didn't call. Now I have to do the waiting thing all day tomorrow again. And I get nervous! It's not fair!

Nooooo (2) My ankle still hurts. I'm tired of this! I want it to function again! And this sort-of/kind-of thing that it's doing (wherein it doesn't hurt, then I try to walk normally and it threatens to collapse) isn't cool!

Nooooo (3) Mom went to see the knee moron (oops - doctor) and he wants to put her under again, force them flat then inject cortizone. She doesn't want to do that, but said he left before she could ask any questions.

Nooooo (4) Since she was sad she went alone, I apparently am going to delay my return after the conference to go to the next appointment with her. This is why it's too hard to live far away!

Nooooo (5) Boss gave my grant (that we finally agreed not to resubmit, I thought) to Henry. Now they went to meet tomorrow. For what?! Henry is annoyingly critical and in my current mood, I'm likely to just yell at him or kick him with my gigantic boot.

Nooooo (6) There's nothing on TV. And books bore me. And you people won't write on your blogs!

Nooooo (7) Chienne has another aural hematoma. She's had a drain before and hated it with a passion, so I'm going to try to let this resolve on its own. But I hate that her ear is all puffy. Though she doesn't seem to mind much at all.

Nooooo (8) I've looked at the program for the upcoming conference and I'm outclassed. By a lot. This talk should be awesome and I think it's just good.
That's all I can think of for now. I'll probably update later.


Locks said...

eee. hope things get better :S

Locks said...

i got a new truck and posted can look at those

it offroads like a real one and has amazing suspension!

isn't that exciting?!!?

Anonymous said...

Cripes, I would be whining, too. Hope things are looking up!

Estrella said...

Thanks! :-) Hope everything starts looking up for you soon!

Phdladybug said...

I like to idea of using the boot for kicking..... :-)
I hope you'll get better soon.
They will call, don't worry. Can't you call them and schedule something?

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