Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I don’t know much.

I’m struggling a bit lately – it’s not excruciating to get to work, but it’s harder than I wish it were. I’m not getting much done, which is OK, I suppose since my recruiting physicians are all out of town. But still. Disappointing.

I think part of the problem is I’m facing a publishing lull. I haven’t done significant work in the past year (well, more than a year) and so publications will be a long time coming. I’ve grown fond of adding lines to my CV and while abstracts will be forthcoming, it’ll be quite some time before I’m truly writing again. Perhaps that’s why I’m so attached to my chapter – it’s all that’s getting written in the near future.

I came home early today. Friend had to come out to my house as well. Though I thought I could administer Chienne’s allergy injection, I, in reality, could not. I could ready the syringe, pinch the skin on her shoulder, and poke. I could not pierce the skin though. The sweet canine waited patiently until I poked several times, then sighed, offered me a resigned look, then walked to her water bowl to take a drink. She returned, faced away from me and let me poke several more times, all the while informing her I just couldn’t do it. I finally gave up, offered her copious treats and told Friend it was her or the vet. I just have a mental block here.

At home, I battled software and lost. The program opens but cannot open files. Even its own files! So something is wrong. I just don’t know what it is. My continued efforts have failed to fix or identify the problem. This frustrates me. A lot.

So I’m switching to a Windows laptop and currently moving files over to install a different software package. I very much want it to work. I fear it won’t.

I folded two loads of laundry while two loads of towels are still being cleaned. In the neat piles I formed, there were very few work clothes and mounds of sleepy clothes. A vast majority were gray – pants and shirts. Most the shirts formerly had some grease stain in the front from absently eating bad-for-me food while watching TV. It’s not a good sign, I know. It’s also not positive that I was thrilled at the sight of all my favorite t-shirts that were now clean.

Publix is a magical place. I adore the bright cleanliness, the wide aisles, the pretty décor. They have delicious baked goods – the slice of red velvet cake was nothing short of blissful. The shrimp were fantastic. I didn’t have to wait at all to check out. I love that place. While I typically find grocery shopping a chore, I believe that Publix will make it more pleasant.

I’m currently re-downloading the software package. It’s not off to a good start. But things tend to get better.

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