Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another weekend, another template change

It's strange how I'm mildly bothered when I don't post anything. I know I wonder about people when they take breaks from writing, so I flatter myself that at least someone might think fleetingly of me.

First, my talk went fine. I've started writing a post describing the event, but I can't get it to sound right. Something to eagerly anticipate, I'm sure.

I am, however, bored enough to start playing with my header image again. As always, I love the new look and keep going back to compliment my blog on how very pretty it is. The pictures? Random - I just like the way they look. But as I've decided before, there's no strong theme to this site in general, so the random nature of the header is strangely appropriate. I'm also back to the blue/gray color scheme, which I like. The extra text came back per JustMe's comment on my first attempt at a new look. It's a little different than what I started with, but the sentiment is the same.

I always welcome comments on these changes, especially from those of you not using Firefox. If I'm ugly somewhere, I can try to fix it if you let me know. I'll probably fail, but I can promise to make an attempt.

In terms of what's up today? If you read the end of this post, you'll find my life isn't all that different now than it was in February. I still like you guys a lot - I'd definitely buy all of you dinner and talk about how cool you are. I also napped excessively today - not because I'm sick, just because I could, I guess. Plus, it's miserably hot outside, so I'm basically hibernating until it cools down.

Just in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the talk, it's always nice when it's just over and you don't have to worry about it any more.

I like the new header graphic, but I'd like it a whole lot more if I hadn't fallen in love with the last one (something about arrays of multi-colored tulips that just seemed so cheerful).

At least it's not miserably hot here. This weekend is graduation, so of course it has to rain and be cloudy and cold (and it's still better than the alternative).


post-doc said...

Ah, Doug, you wound me. Now - despite my love of the new header (because I really do like it!) - I'm tempted to put the tulips back up for you. They'll come back eventually, I think. I do enjoy changing how things look around here. I think I wanted the soft blues to counteract the insanely high temperatures outside. You're quite lucky that your weather is nicer. (And I hope graduation is lovely whether you're participating in or watching the cermonies.)

You also made me smile with your initial comment - my line of choice when answering questions about how the talk went is "Well, it's over now, so that's wonderful." :)

JustMe said...

new banner looks great! i really like it!
and the colors are definitely very soothing...

post-doc said...

Thank you! I adore it - find myself visiting my own blog quite often just to look at how pretty I think it is. Silly, right? :)

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