Friday, April 24, 2009

Sleepy Day 4, Busy Day 5

"They're over there," Adam pointed with a straw after pulling it from the frothy drink before him. "Rather sad lot, actually."

"No," I protested, pulling myself out of my slouch to peer where he'd gestured, squinting as I tried to see the penguins kept on the resort. "They're not happy?" I frowned when he shrugged, shoving his straw back in his drink.

I examined them carefully the next day, thinking they didn't seem overly put upon. I grinned when I wandered past the nearby flamingos, balanced gracefully even as they tucked beaks into their feathers to nap. I tucked my own head into mounds of covers and pillows as I battled a vicious migraine. I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep or excessive drinking or unholy amount of talking and noise that seemed to surround me constantly, but I was unwell yesterday. Tossing fretfully, I frowned darkly at the television as it failed to entertain me. In full pout, I pulled out a novel from my suitcase and found myself completely distracted within moments.
I brought four books, not counting my copy of the Open Laboratory 2008, and made my way through three of them between noon and midnight, taking naps between some chapters. Tucking the novels into my suitcase this morning, I patted them affectionately - they were fabulously entertaining - and shoved at the skirts and dresses, sweaters and jackets and five pairs of shoes that made my luggage bulge at the seams.
I paused, hand on the only novel whose spine remained unbroken, but resolved to get some work done today. So I checked my overstuffed suitcase at the front desk and proceeded to the beach to answer email. Ordering a fruity cocktail, I began to wade through any number of people who were cross because I'd ignored them this week. I felt the tension invade my shoulders as a frown creased my brow. I tried to watch the ocean, but was unable to see it very well through the throngs of people. I tried to obey the music as it liltingly invited me to relax and nodded when the waitress offered another pricey, frothy drink.
"Lunch?" she asked as I closed my laptop.
"My battery ran out," I told her, blinking tipsily behind my large sunglasses. She smiled and soon set a salad before me as I watched people wander to and from the various sources of water around.
I currently find myself in the back of a Starbucks on the property, lured my power outlets and shelter from the sun. I'm so bad at vacationing, folks, but hope to improve my record in the next couple of days.

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