Saturday, April 04, 2009


"It wouldn't be so bad," I replied, gritting my teeth when I grabbed for and missed Chienne's collar again, "if this wasn't the second time she got out of her yard this morning." After sleeping for twelve hours or so, I got out of bed to start laundry and dressed to spend the morning in the labs. Chienne had managed to get through the gate when I did, but I followed in my car and she hopped in when I called.

I returned home to grab different clothes since I wasn't going to wear my jeans or bra during an experiment and happen to be rather modest. Upon repeating my departure, Chienne repeated hers but headed for the woods this time. Cursing with every step, I followed her and reminded myself that she is my most favorite of creatures as she continued to evade capture.

"I've chased my dog up and down the street several times," the rather attractive man offered as he held his leashed dog at his side. I managed a distracted smile before scrambling over a hill and jogging after my erstwhile hound again. After coaxing her back to me, I removed my sweatshirt and looped a sleeve through her collar before tugging her toward home.

"Katie?" my colleague said when I answered my phone about 20 minutes after arriving at the office, "the lab is down. Everything's torn apart for maintenance."

"Crap," I replied after a moment. "I'll be back there in a moment - I'm on my way." A quick glance assured me we'd not be completing our experiment anytime soon and we looked at each other and sighed. I then paused, abashed at my lack of manners, and introduced myself to her husband who'd tagged along for our weekend session.

"Well," I chirped, determined to complete the other of my major weekend tasks, "can you hang out and do my thing with me?" Beaming when they agreed, we had everything 90% prepared when we discovered a glitch. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to work around it and my shoulders slumped.

I edged my lower lip out and blinked at her, cheered when she mirrored the expression. "I hate being thwarted!" I whined and she nodded sympathetically before packing up, reaching for her husband's hand and waving a farewell. I finished packing up and felt my mood dip dangerously low when I went back to my desk.

Bella called while I was fetching my keys - I'd sent a frantic message when I realized both projects were screwed - and she offered to help tomorrow. "Thank you!" I replied, offering to buy breakfast before we got started. Having made suitable arrangements, I walked out to the Jeep and headed home. Mid-commute, I decided to stop at the store. I could cook something if I obtained groceries, I reasoned and devoted a majority of my attention to making a list. Unloading my groceries at home, I came in and made a quick sandwich for lunch before flopping on my loveseat and wondering what to do with the remainder of my day.

Determined to make it a pleasant Saturday, I decided to take a bath, sniffing at the bath fizzie until I decided it smelled of lime. I wrinkled my nose when unable to remember shaving my legs this week, but kept withdrawing them from the water to admire once smooth. I relaxed, growing drowsy in the silky water scented a gentle citrus. When the water cooled, I emerged to dry off and snuggle into loose pajamas. I'm pondering dinner options and am in the mood to cook so I'll do that next. I have laundry to finish and a nap in my near future.

And Chienne is sunning herself outside, locked safely in her yard.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

I shaved my legs today, too. It was my greatest accomplishment (at least so far, although it's looking like it might hold...)

Jenn, PhD said...

Sounds like a great day (at least the ending :) ) I didn't manage to get the legs shaved today... maybe tomorrow ('tis spring after all!)

Anonymous said...

the ending does sound good! though i am wondering what type of experiment would require no bra or jeans... hmm.... were you near an MRI machine?

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