Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hiking in Flats

"I didn't bring sneakers," I told M as we sipped coffee on the lanai. I was cuddling the puppy (!!) as I reclined on a chair and we were discussing our planned hike for the day. "I can either get some or try it in my brown flats." I grinned at her dubious look and argued convincingly that the flats were old and comfortable - they'd be fine.

It was after we crossed the stream for the fourth or fifth time that I sighed at my choice of footwear. Though I never claim any impressive level of grace, slipping off the rocks and into the cool stream was less than ideal. I swore when I tripped on a branch covering the tiny dirt trail. Stopping to pick up the shoe and place my foot back inside, I glared at the mud that had sucked the soft piece of suede and leather right off the end of my limb.

"So," I panted after we climbed another ridge, rubbing the scratch on my hand that some plant had left and swatting at the tiny bugs that buzzed about, "this is an actual hike. Like with rocks and this stream and all this," I trailed off and looked around and the lush vegetation that surrounded us, "jungle."

M paused, nodded and pulled the puppy closer to her side before opening her bag and offering me water. She paused again when looking down a steep descent that lead to an equally sharp incline. Already sweating from the humidity and muddy from slopes we'd taken on all fours, she looked back at me.

"I'm sure the waterfall is pretty," she offered, turning to look again at the path as it disappeared downhill. I peeked over her shoulder, reaching to smooth the puppy's coat. The tiny purple flowers covered one side and we could hear the stream murmuring below us. I was out of breath and getting hungry and looked down at my shoes, unsure of their ability to grip the ground with enough efficacy to make it up and down another set of rises and falls.

"Let's go back?" I suggested and watched her smile brightly before we pivoted to retrace our steps. We paused multiple times, trying to find the path across the stream or through the undergrowth, finally arriving back at the fence we'd had to walk around and back over the chain that notified us that trespassers would be prosecuted. Quietly made our way back down the hill to where we'd parked illegally and sighed once we climbed back in the car.

"That was hard," I offered, shaking my head at my sodden shoes and muddy legs.

"Let's get lunch," M replied happily and, eager for Greek, I slipped off my flats and wiggled my toes as we stopped for take out and proceeded to a beach.

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Psych Post Doc said...

You're lucky you didn't end up in the same shape I am, sitting on the couch, icing my ankle.

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