Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quieter, Simpler, Better

"Are those parrots?" I asked absently as we sat on the lanai, sipping coffee and looking down at the city and ocean below.

"Yep," she answered readily and I nodded as I thought there were a huge number of the bright green birds.

"I do not," I told her after she came to fetch me yesterday, "approve of the touristy area. It's too busy, too expensive." But all is well now - stresses of the conference and career pressures seeming far down the hill as we sit among the treetops in a lovely little house.

I woke when the sun lit the sky, generous windows allowing light to enter from all directions as I settled comfortable into the cushions on the couch. I curled on my side, under a brightly colored yet softly fluffy blanket that reminded me of my best friend from grad school, and listened to the birds as they began to chatter and sing.

I finally wandered downstairs, oversized shirt hanging at mid-thigh and feet bare, stepping outside to greet the puppy (!!) and fold laundry I'd done last night. I let M giggle at my Care Bears, was suitably impressed with her plans for their new house and we talked. She possesses a rather gentle logic that rarely fails to soothe me. She let me complain about work and expectations and exhaustion and then asked questions about what I liked and my alternatives should this not work out.

Feeling myself relax into the comfortable house and company, I let the puppy (!!) nibble my ear before scolding him for chasing the cat I met as a kitten.

"Dating anyone?" she asked lightly, smiling when I shook my head.

I opened my mouth to reply in more detail but found myself with the same dilema that I faced on my blog. I can't talk about it. So I shook my head again, shrugged and changed the subject, looking out at the water in the distance and listening to the wind whisper through the branches that surround us.

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