Sunday, October 26, 2008


After sleeping rather late and waking feeling luxuriously rested, I drank some coffee flavored with pumpkin and spices and watered my plants. I made some decorating decisions, wished I had a loveseat in the living room and did a bit more work.

"Would you like to go for a walk?" I asked the sleeping canine when I walked back upstairs to my bedroom. She perked up and stumbled off the mattress and to the floor while I fetched socks and put on shoes. Leashed clipped to collar, we set off into the sunny, windy morning to admire the bit of nature the surrounds my neighborhood.

I like the cold, I decided, shivering as I savored the smooth slide toward winter. I felt my muscles warm and loosen as we wandered briskly down paths and sidewalks, smiling and greeting other pedestrians as we moved. I thought of work priorities, sighed over lack of romantic prospects and spared a moment to feel grateful that I finally had a weekend with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Despite the time spent working, I felt relaxed and lovely.

I picked up some litter as we paused to stare at the geese floating in a pond. The wind tugged locks of hair from my ponytail and I tucked them behind my ears with my free hand, holding trash and leash with the other. With a toss of her ears, Chienne began to trot again and I obediently followed her.

"Relax," Adam advised when I wrote to ask him a question late last night and complained over the hours I'd spent doing training. "Everything will wait until later."

"Put the computer away," Henry scolded from the west coast when I asked for material.

"Go do something fun!" Marlie insisted after I replied to the request for help she'd sent.

I sighed a bit at each reminder to find some balance - were they not all online as well? It's not like I'm the only one working! But I felt good as I tugged Chienne out of people's flowerbeds and watched the leaves blow in the wind. A bit of a break is necessary and delightful, I reminded myself firmly. Upon returning home, I realized I wasn't dreading Monday nearly as I much as I was last week. A peek at my calendar (while doing just a bit more work!) assured me I can accomplish a few things this week rather than just putting out fires.

And pretty soon, if I'm very lucky, it might start to snow.


Anonymous said...

coffee flavored with pumpkin and spices

That's disgusting!

post-doc said...

It's delicious.

The bean-mom said...

Sound delicious to me, too, Katie.

Lovely pictures--both the photos, and the word-pictures. Yup, it's hard not get consumed by work, isn't it? Even when you're not in the lab anymore!

Psych Post Doc said...

pumpkin spice lattes are my FAVORITE.

Sounds like a great morning.

rpg said...

I vote for 'disgusting'.

But then, I'm a coffee snob.

post-doc said...

Richard! You disappoint me. Coffee snob, indeed.

Bean-Mom, it is hard! I sometimes think balance would be forced if I had a family, but then I wonder when I'd have time to deal with them. But, yes, I'll have to figure this out.

Psych Post Doc, you're clearly a woman of taste. I love pumpkin everything this time of year - ice cream, cheesecake, coffee. Mmmm...pumpkin.

rpg said...

Black Italian espresso.

What more can a man ask for?

I mean apart from mad sex and rare steaks...

Anonymous said...

pumpkin and coffee, that sounds AWESOME!

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