Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tired, worried

I talked to Mom tonight and she's getting increasingly stressed about her surgery on Thursday. She wishes I was going to be there - as do I, actually - but it doesn't make sense. Friend won't return from her vacation until Sunday (if she ever gets to leave the airport, that is - Good luck, Friend!) and she's Chienne's dogsitter. Chienne loves her dearly, as evidenced by the fact that Friend became an increasingly small ball on the couch as my dog tried to cuddle while they napped together. Plus, there's this work thing that will take all my time for the next few days and Dad and Brother will be with Mom and there's not much I can do while she's in the hospital and will instead be useful when I visit next week... But I feel badly and worried and scared. So if you're so inclined, perhaps you might pray. Though I realize there are those with far more serious health problems, it's still scary for us.

I could examine why that is so and try to write something more meaningful, but instead I shall fret and try to distract myself with work.

(I feel somewhat badly about posting this. It seems self-indulgent and I almost deleted it, but it helped to have people pray at church, so I'll ask even though it makes me feel a little weird for some reason.)


TitleTroubles said...

They think our plane might arrive sometime tonight! Like, about 10 minutes or so after we were supposed to arrive at destination. But I don't care (yet)--still have wireless, electricity, and since I'm willing to sit next to the trash, no one trying to crowd my personal fiefdom of floor space. So, it's all good. Sort of.

And it will be fine. You need to stay and work this week anyway. You can go Sunday, if necessary--Other Friend can retrieve me from the airport and you have her number if you need it. Chienne would be confused, possibly being alone if I don't make it there Sunday night, but she's going to be confused anyway. It will all work out. At least, it will if my plane gets off the ground. Otherwise, I'm going to have to call and wake you up to retrieve me from the airport tonight. That wouldn't be so good.

Oh, and if I didn't say it, I'm sleeping in the big bed. Then I can at least be a little ball on a bigger surface. (So wash the bedding. Thank you.)

EA said...

Can and will pray.

Anonymous said...

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jokerine said...

My sister had a transplantation on tuesday and I thought that while she was out I might as well try to do some work at Uni, as I couldn't do anything to help anyway. I went cleaned a bit and then dropped the flask containing my educt. At that point I decided to leave, I wasn't going to be productive anyway. Maybe you will, though. What I want to say though is: I understand how you feel, your heart is telling you something different from your head. It sucks. I wish you and your mom all the best. (Oh and just in case, you want to know: My sister is doing really well and is the happiest person on earth.)

post-doc said...

Glad you made it - happy you're having a nice time. And I know it'll be OK - I'm just ready for it to be over.

Thank you.

I'm so glad your sister is doing well. She has my best wishes for a continued recovery.

I don't know how focused I'll be listening to talks all day, though I'm not likely to drop anything more valuable than a pen. :) Thank you for the comment - it's always very helpful not to feel so alone.

doc-in-training said...

sending good thoughts your way. keep us posted.

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