Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I arrived at the airport last night and headed toward one end of the terminal to check M's flight status. Midwestern storms had rerouted her several times and I wasn't overly certain when she'd land. As I was walking briskly, I stopped to dig my ringing cell phone from my bag. I had trouble getting signal, so I turned to try to find a better spot to stand when I grinned upon seeing a happily waving friend.

We hugged and I commiserated as she sighed over her day. Then she bounced back to the happy M I know and love and started to chatter about how much fun we'd have while she was here.

And it has been lovely. We caught up last night, heading to bed around 1:30 this morning after telling stories and asking questions. It's hard to see someone once a year - forgotten events have to be recalled so as to be shared with the humor and drama they once deserved. She exclaimed over my house and dog and cat, none of whom she'd seen in person before. Chienne is currently cuddled into M's side on the couch as I organize photos, try to answer work email and read through some blogs.

I woke this morning at 6, sighed and rolled over, finally blinking at the clock again a couple hours later. I made coffee and arranged the cream I own so M would have choices (I do like Coffeemate). She emerged from the office with its freshly laundered bedding about 30 minutes later. We drank coffee at the kitchen table, then prepared to walk to the lake with a happy puppy. She snapped photos of my house and flowerbed and neighborhood. We watched Chienne spring into the lake after a flock of ducks, then dash back to the shore as if shocked she was suddenly so wet. Then we showered, stopped at Sonic for $1 root beer floats, then proceeded to get massages.

An hour later and with looser muscles, we decided on Panera for salads and more conversation. I checked phone messages, she looked at email on her PDA, and we envied each other's lives. It's rather nice - being happy for a friend who has done so well for herself. A wonderful husband and fantastic job and amazing house for her. But she's considering doing a PhD because she's rather bored. So she finds the invitation to Italy from people who were impressed with my recent paper (How cool is that?! I'm wildly flattered!), my book chapter and my various research projects fascinating. And in her compliments of my life, I find it's not so bad after all.

We wandered through a Southern mansion, looking at antiques and art and rooms with high ceilings, then went out to pick up Friend's poor cat from the vet. We spent a couple of hours watching purebred orientals cuddle and hiss and run around, then had steak with Friend before heading home to email and work and missed phone calls. I'm tired, but happy. It's good to have M providing some positive perspective, making me pause and consider how wonderful some things are here. Taking time to smell the roses - especially ones that are blooming in such lush abundance - has its perks.

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The Contessa said...

I love roses - I'm glad your friend is with you!

Enjoy your time together.

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