Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seeing Sights: Chicago, day 4

The boat ride this morning was lovely. It was a 90 minute tour that covered parts of the river I hadn't seen before. So we marveled at the buildings and I watched as Carrie and her friends visibly melted into the chairs on the boat as the water and sunshine and slow, steady movement eased tension away.

We snapped many pictures - I being particularly enamored of the many bridges - and nodded with appropriate awe at stories. We pointed out the buildings we thought were particularly pretty, deciding on which of the residential properties with spectacular views would be suitable should any of us move to this city.

It's impressive, frankly. I like the energy here - the honking when someone screws up while driving. All the Walgreens drugstores and buildings that are familiar yet still demand attention.

We wrapped up the tour, and Carrie and I decided to head to Navy Pier while our companions returned to the meeting. It was gorgeous outside - relatively cool, brightly sunny and not very crowded outside. We walked back inside the building, stopping to admire the stained glass exhibits.

After lunch a Bubba Gump's, I decided we should take the free trolley to Water Tower Place. Carrie enthusiastically agreed and we obtained a map at the stop nearest to us. After the yellow line stopped, I frowned.

"There are too many of us and too few seats." I decided, looking around. Carrie nodded, then glanced down at the map. Then we watched the blue trolley drive by in the opposite direction. "Where does he go?" I asked, trying to figure out a way to win a seat. She pointed it out and I insisted we try to catch one of the stops inside Navy Pier rather than waiting at the corner outside.

"He's gone." Carrie said as we jogged toward the lake. "What the hell?"

So we crossed the street and peered into a darkened driveway. I started to head father down when Carrie shouted, "Trolley!" and scurried inside. I quickly followed and grinned at her once we were successfully seated.

"We are awesome." I declared, and she readily agreed.

We transferred to the red trolley system at the Tribune building, marveling at all the stones from the world that were incorporated and labeled. We shopped and snapped more photos and grabbed bargains at Filene's.

I started to get tired before I bought Wacoal bras for less than half price.

"Heading back?" Carrie asked and I nodded immediately. "Oh," she paused and looked at the map, "Bloomingdales is so close."

On the way we passed the Fourth Presbyterian Church and took some pictures of the lovely courtyard outside. It is strangely reverent there in spite of the bustle located mere feet away. There is peace here, I thought, and felt less tired for those moments.

Unfortunately, my whole body started to ache as Carrie looked through pricey dresses. I found a chair and zoned out for a few minutes before we glanced at the trolley line and sighed as we started to walk back toward the hotel.

I am tired. And achy. And going to lie in bed and rest while reading the blog posts I've downloaded as I prepare to lose internet in the room again. But at least I posted pictures! Such is my affection for all of you.

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Aww, thanks! I love the pics. I want to go to Chicago.

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