Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home (almost)

I ended up leaving Chicago a day earlier than planned, arriving at my parents' house just before 2:00 yesterday. Chienne was feeling a bit unwell - having some tummy issues - and Mom and Dad had errands and weren't able to hang out at home with her. I was worried and decided that I wasn't up for a day in the hot sun while looking at animals in Lincoln Park (at the zoo, of course), so a drive south seemed the best option.

This meant that I didn't get to see Repressed Librarian or Rachel, both of whom I adore and very much wanted to visit. But a trip to Chicago is always a good thing so hopefully I'll make my way up there again soon. (I do feel badly still though. I hate it when there's a choice on cutting a trip short and it seems the right option, but then I miss out on something I wanted to do. Phooey.)

Chienne was tremendously happy when I arrived, leaving me covered in kisses and cuddles and bruises from an enthusiastic greeting. She seems to be fine to me, leaving me to wonder if it was loneliness rather than sickness that was causing some problems. But Mom and Dad have been busy - working, eating out, running errands, etc. They're seldom home and the poor puppy is used to me being a home much of the time. So she was sad and out of her normal routine.

To be honest, I was sad and out of my normal routine too. I miss getting up in the morning, making coffee and reading blogs. I like settling in during the evening and writing a blog post without searching frantically for wireless signal. I enjoy having 2 bathrooms constantly available if I want to shower or wash my face or fix my makeup or do my hair. Sharing bathrooms over the past weeks has tried my patience in some inexplicable way. I like the quiet - watching what I like, eating when I'm hungry, knowing where everything is.

I know I complain about being lonely and wishing I had a man in my life. And I am and I do. But after near constant company (which continues as I sit in the living room watching racing with Dad), I'm ready for a few days of quiet. I miss my house and routine. I want to get back to work.

"Are you traveling this summer?" Everyone asked at some point during a visit.

The answer was a consistent 'no.' Being away tires me - I just don't find the same energy and focus when I'm out of my environment. So tomorrow morning will provide a bit more time with my family and the afternoon will find me driving south, dog and cat and luggage in tow, to find our balance again.

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