Monday, February 12, 2007

I’m so tired - The Plan: Month 5

I’m incredibly sleepy today. Not even Starbucks could save me from an afternoon nap and though Friend is here for the evening, I fear she’s on her own starting soon. I’m just exhausted. (And since she asked if I was going to update you on our roommate situation, it's still up in the air to some extent. We did talk to Dr. Counselor - perhaps I'll share that story tomorrow - and are to examine our motives and the logistics. I think we're leaning toward her staying in her apartment, but if that becomes financially impossible, we're leaving the option open for her to use my guest rooms. So there's no firm answer.)

Problem 1. Health
I’m still walking in the morning. I did eat yogurt several times per week – that’s coming along relatively well. So let’s be a bit more ambitious.

I plan to drink 4 bottles of water each day. I will feel a bit like a camel (or how I would expect a camel would feel when it gets incredibly hydrated), but it’s good for me.

I plan to do aerobics 3 times each week in the evenings. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. That gives Tuesday and Thursday to make up for missed days.

I need to reschedule the doctor appointment I missed. And make an appointment to see a dentist. My insurance card arrived and though dentists top the list of people I hate/fear, it’s necessary.

Problem 2. God
I’ve been listening to hymns on the commute to work. I pray a bit more. Those are good things.

I want – badly – to start going to Sunday School. I’m struggling to get motivated, but I want to make that happen.

Problem 3. Professional
Work has been good lately. Really quite good.
Project M – I’m so close to getting started! Practice datasets, how to lists, funding. I have a bit more to coordinate, but I should be reporting more progress in month 6 of The Plan!
Project X – Practicing, talking to people, filling out forms. Progress, though I’m not hopeful on issues of recruitment.
Project P – Remains stalled. I’m still supposed to write my talk on this topic, but that keeps getting pushed back, allowing it to remain off my list of things to do.
Project F – Done, done, done, done, done! Papers are in press!
Project H – The penguin is still writing. I’ve approved figures on the work I did and look forward to seeing the manuscript.
Project B – Steve has it and has confirmed I’m not necessary for further progress to be made.
Project A – Right as rain. No problems at all here.
Project C – Not started yet. Soon, Carrie said, so I hope to get through it before M starts taking considerable time.

Problem 4. Social
Sunday School would still be good. Really. I should do that.

Membership for eHarmony finally runs out shortly – I’m relieved.

Finally getting started on collecting data has provided some opportunity to interact with more people – talk and laugh and all that good stuff. So I feel much less isolated.

Problem 5. Family
I’m going home next weekend. I’ve started sending care packages to Little One. I need to invite myself over for dinner at Cousin’s again soon. I very much enjoyed seeing Aunt and Uncle when they were here – that was truly lovely. I need to send a note to Older Cousin – I don’t try hard enough with her.

Problem 6. Selfish
Still am. The tutoring thing just doesn’t work out on Tuesday afternoons, so rather than playing the hit or miss game, I opted out. I think the timing could work better for the homeless GED work I wanted to do, so I’ll touch base with my contacts there and see if I can get that set up before the next update. That feels like a good thing to do.

I do feel stronger at work. Capable and smart. That’s nice. I also like my church and need to just go more. I want to meet a man to love, but I don’t think the right one is going to come along while I’m writing a book based loosely on the last man I knew. So, well, you know. I really want to focus on feeling more physically healthy – eating better, drinking more water, doing more specific exercise than general wandering around with the dog. A healthy Katie should be a happier Katie, yes?

Oh, and Month 6 should include some nice reward or celebration. I’ll have to think on that.


joy said...

Good for you for working towards your goals! Be proud of you! :)

phd me said...

I felt the same way when my membership ran out. Isn't that funny? We went to meet people but we dislike the mechanism that should help us to just that. Then again, my experience did nothing of the sort...

Anonymous said...

yes, i vote for reward in month 6! and three cheers for a healthier happier katie. you are so good for keeping this up. and i feel so dumb for not having a plan of my own!

Lucy said...

Yay! I'm glad The Plan is going well for you. You definitely deserve a nice reward.

Estrella said...

Yay for another month on The Plan! I don't remember when you changed the site layout, but the colors struck me as exceptionally pretty today in contrast to the dull gray of the winter weather outside.

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