Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Long stories short

I lost Sprout again - this time, he escaped from my car when I was returning from pumping gas. After breathlessly watching him circle the building twice, he scampered under a small truck and settled on the muffler.

After about 30 minutes of coaxing and begging and threatening (and 5 gas station employees making attempts), I was able to slide under the truck and pull him out by his paw. He was terrified. I was very upset. But we did make it safely home.

Now he runs if I make the slightest move in his direction. So I'm ignoring him and letting him settle down at my parents' house. He's getting friendlier, but I still feel awful.


Dora (the Explorer) is riveting if a certain Little One counts, names colors and speaks (English and Spanish) while watching it. I've spent 2 hours watching the DVD I brought her as a present and am absolutely charmed and fascinated by my little niece. She's just amazing. So pretty, smart, polite and funny.

I want a little one of my own.


While watching Dora, Boots asked what our favorite colors were (so we could color the ladder to help the duckling find his mommy).

"Katie likes blue." Mom said from the couch as I rested on the floor next to Little One.

Apparently I'm the source of great amusement for the family - they found the Sprout debacle to be quite funny too.

I did laugh. Immediately at the favorite color remark and eventually about Sprout's little adventure. He's currently 2 inches from me on the floor, purring happily. I hope I'm being forgiven.


Thanks for the support on my honesty about the blue journal in therapy. I did start a dream journal - it's black moleskin. So I'm being a bit passive aggressive too. And I didn't write in it this morning. I have a feeling therapy is going to be quite the process for me.


Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. That probably deserves a post tomorrow since I'm happy to be home regardless of any problems with the holiday or actually getting here. But I'm tired and eager to return to Little One's chatter. Have I mentioned how very much I like her?


The Contessa said...

Don't worry - he'll forgive you - he's just stressed at being in a new environment. MOst cat's aren't crazy about the car.

I would consider a cat carrier. My animals do much better contained for car rides and it's safer for both the cat and the driver. Mine are loud though - they don't like the car - period.

He knows he has a good life with you otherwise he wouldn't have been mad at the garage incident!

Enjoy your holiday time with your family! Don't let them keep that beautiful cat - he's all yours!

Psycgirl said...

Uh oh - I'd definitely get a cat carrier. My beasties and I travel many many days out of the year and they love their carriers. I'd be heartbroken if they got out in a strange place and I couldn't get them back :(
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

I presume you have heard this before, but cats aren't just small dogs. They travel best in a carrier with a comfortable bed and a little litter pan (I use a plastic shoe box and tape it down with duct tape). I know of several people who have had cats die due to being loose in the car. In one case the cats head was crushed in the car door when it was swung shut... which was when the cat decided to bolt.

So you are lucky! It all ame out well. Give Sprout a hug and some pets, and get a carrier.

Anonymous said...

little one sounds SO great!! i miss babies...

and sprout story is again hilarious. though i bet it didn't seem that way when he was under the truck!

DRD said...

I've always allowed my cats to roam free during long road trips... they usually settle down after about a half hour and I figure the first half hour of roaming is safer than 6 hours of howling from a carrier.

But, I still take a carrier. I leave it there for them to take comfort in. Mostly I do it though to lock them in when I open the car door.

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