Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Since I sincerely doubt anyone's going to feel too sorry for me for being so tired last night, I'll just post a picture for today. But honestly! I was exhausted! A beautiful hike in the morning followed by plate lunch (I love plate lunch! Took me until this trip to really get on board, but now I'm set.) followed by an afternoon watching the waves and drinking maitais at Turtle Bay. Then we had to drive all the way back to Honolulu - joking all the while about how we should have checked the tires and brought emergency supplies for our lengthy road trip - but actually had to stop for dinner - we were tired and needed a break from the car. Then, as if I hadn't suffered enough, M has a friend who was housesitting in this spectacular property, so we helped ourselves to the hot tub, wine and excellent conversation. I returned to my little suite to take out my contacts and stumble into bed.Not to worry though. Today is my last day here. My flight leaves around 11:30 tomorrow morning, then I shall return to my life - stress at work, feeling inadequate, sadness over being alone. So a return to our normal programming is forthcoming. Just not quite yet.

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