Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bored and boring

My biggest concern today - and I'm being completely serious here - is how I'm going to care for my yard. We're getting rain and it's been 2 weeks since I've mowed and it looks pretty bad! I got through part of it this morning. Yes, already. If I get struck by lightning, my neighbors would be justified in cheering. But it's going to rain all week! Plus, I have work to do after my extended vacation. So I was out too early, making the lawn pretty.

Other than that? Eh. Bored and boring pretty much sums it up. I did get to babysit through an exhausted haze. The Little One is great. We were watching her nursery rhymes DVD for about the 7th time, and she started flipping out, trying to move toys. So I helped her, asking what the problem was, and she tapped this little picture of monkeys on one of her toys.

"Monkey?" I asked, because I know I'm supposed to name items when she points. It's a pretty easy form of conversation.

But she frowned at me, then pointed at the TV. "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed?" I said, confused and tired. Then I smiled and praised her brilliance. The monkey on TV didn't even look like the one on her toy! She'll probably rule the world - she's so smart! She was also pleased that slow Aunt Katie finally figured it out.

Speaking of monkeys, I'm back to listening to Wicked on my iPod. I'm nearing the end of part 2 (of 3) and thinking that monkey better find some friends and get airborne. Honestly. I'm getting impatient.

Other than that, I'm home. Back to work tomorrow. Watching the weather carefully to take any chance I get to do yardwork. See? I've been sparing you by not posting. There's absolutely nothing going on and I can't find energy to tell you stories about my life when there was actually something going on. Perhaps soon.

Prepare yourself for a new header image though. When I get bored and lazy, I tend to mess with my template.


post-doc said...

Yep, new header image. Can you tell it's the same flowers 3 times? I'm content for now though. Oh, and the color scheme? Random. Completely. I'll probably fix it soon - complain at will if it bugs you. :)

JustMe said...

I couldn't tell at all!
I like it, very springy - Despite all the rain you (and I) seem to be getting.

Traveler, not tourist said...

Me too (couldn't tell it was the same flower). Your new header looks great. What do you use to edit the image?

I'm bored too. Hopefully things will get rolling from tomorrow, for both of us.

post-doc said...

JustMe- Yep, always raining. But thanks! I rather like it too.

Traveler- I adore Photoshop almost as much as I enjoy Macs. :) Things are busier today, but still pretty dull. This too shall pass though.

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