Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oh, I'm lovely. But how about you?

I slept until I wasn't tired anymore. Then I unpacked, wiped smelly soap of unknown origin off of everything in my toiletries bag, brought up the gifts I carried from home for M and her husband, and came out on the lanai (look how local I'm trying to be!) to watch it get light outside. So that's the view, and in this case, the picture says it all. I'm doing really well. No headache - and I was up to 2 Advil every 6 hours, watching the clock nervously as I felt the pain being to return. No tension - sleeping downstairs eased out all the aches and soreness that walking through hilly Seattle and a day of travel accumulated. M's not awake yet, but it's hardly quiet. Unfamiliar birds and animals are chattering away and I get to watch the lush greenery move in the soft breeze while I glance out and sigh over the ocean. Not a bad way to spend a few days.

But I didn't get through all my Bloglines feeds last night, so I'm going to see what's up with you guys. Oh, and to be fair, it doesn't look exactly like the picture as I'm sitting rather than standing. So I'll leave you with what I actually see here from my lawnchair, drinking guava nectar. I also changed my time stamp, because most of you are in the future! I'm 5 hours behind my precious central time now, but I find it's not bothering me much at all.


ScienceWoman said...

What a lovely view and how wonderful to be in Paradise. I'm insanely jealous here in my windowless cubicle. So have lots of fun for me.

Propter Doc said...

It looks so nice there. Enjoy it. It is HOW LONG until my next holiday?!!!

post-doc said...

Having fun and relaxing and being happy, ScienceWoman. So the trip is definitely not wasted on me. :)

Propter Doc - I know - I'm trying not to think of how long it'll be before I take another break. It's delightful to be away.

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