Saturday, May 13, 2006


I have stuff that I wrote in the airport, but for now, I'm just checking in.

"That's all the hot water that will come out." My cheerful little friend - one of my favorite people in the world - nodded decisively. "See? You can turn and turn the knob," she demonstrated, "and that's it! But it's enough to take a shower. Seriously."

I looked at her and we giggled - just like countless times in grad school and on the phone since then. It's my second visit to Honolulu to see her since she left me alone to finish my PhD while making insane amounts of money in paradise with her Masters. It's my first visit to this particular house with its aging charm and gorgeous view.

I'm happy. I'm showered (I did, in fact, have plenty of hot water. I also giggled the entire time over the meager flow.) and relaxed and so pleased to be with someone who knows and loves me. Where I can be honest and sad and silly. Laugh and cry and sleep and watch the ocean and fly to another island and have dinner with her family on Mothers' Day. So, more soon. Precious M has wireless that reaches my guest suite downstairs. But for now we're in the living room, both amazed that I'm awake and cheerful after a long day of travel that had me near tears at one point.

It's lovely to look around and realize I'm exactly where I want to be in this moment though. It doesn't happen all that often, so it's good to know times like this happen.

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