Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sadly sighing

When I was little, I hated the dentist. Actually, I'm not much better now, but that's not really the point. Anticipating one visit, I decided that when Mom and Dad came to tell me it was time to leave, I would cling to the doorknob. They seldom forced me to do something when I was stubbornly resistant, so I thought I had a shot at not having to go. I fell asleep that night, content that I had a "cling to the doorknob and refuse" plan at getting out of something unpleasant.

I didn't try it. Mom explained that it was important to take care of my teeth, so I sullenly went to the dental office and went to pick out a toy afterward as a reward.

I'm trying to think of what I can wrap myself around and cling to so I can stay here. It's unheard of for me not to be eager to return home - my stuff, my puppy, familiar routines, comfort. Everything in me is miserable though. I don't want to go!

But like little Katie, I shall pout and go to the airport soon. Board the stupid plane after clearing stupid security and go to stupid home. It'll be fine once I get there, I'm sure. But leaving such an ideallic place with such wonderful people who like me so much? Seems wrong. So I'm now suffering for my joy over the last few days.

Sadly sighing.

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JustMe said...

endings are always so depressing.
i always feel that way the day after christmas or coming home from a trip...

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