Monday, September 06, 2010


I was drifting off to sleep last night, my sliding door open at the head of my bed to enable cool breezes to slip over my skin and clean sheets, when there was a bright flash of light.

I sighed, snuggling into my pillows, and decided someone had just taken a photo of me sleeping or that I had a few seconds before my precious pup left her spot behind my knees to hide. The sky soon rumbled ominously and I reached to pat her side before she jumped from the bed and went to hide in the bathtub. Yawning, I too got up and followed her to the guest bath, flipping on the switch for the fan to drown out the storm. I closed the shower curtain to further protect her, shook my head over my quirky pet and climbed back in bed.

It's been a beautiful weekend - cool temperatures and random storms enabling lazy naps and rambling daydreams. I flitted into work a couple of times to muddle through problematic projects. I battled a vicious headache yesterday, but managed to take a long walk before it struck. I made soup - a sausage lentil that was spicy and wonderful - and made a couple of phone calls.

I was, save dog and cat, completely alone and content.

And then I was invited on a date.

So I got ready, agonized over shoes and decided, per his suggestion, to treat it as a friendly meeting with good conversation. Given that it had been 2 years since I'd attempted an evening out with a man who didn't work in my building, I wasn't nearly as nervous as I expected.

I had a mere moment where I wanted to hide in the corner of the bathtub with Chienne rather than climbing in my car and driving to the restaurant.

But I had a lovely time - it was good conversation in a relaxed environment with someone I sincerely liked. So while I don't think I'll be crushed if he doesn't call, I rather hope he does.

If nothing else, it was a pleasant re-introduction to the dating world. Which is more than I expected when I fell asleep last night.

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Psycgirl said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had a date :)

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