Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am attending a conference on leadership and soon get to attend a course I have decided to call "How to make people do what I want when they don't want to and I'm not supposed to yell."

I am quite excited about this - and have long been, actually - as...
1. I love it when people do what I want.
2. They sometimes don't want to do what I want.
3. Yelling is generally mean.
4. Psychological manipulation is awesome.

One thing I love about Industry is that the mandatory learning is often related to fascinating topics. No more of 'Advanced Coding in Matlab!' Instead, I take 'how to screw people over and have them thank you!' or 'will you buy this even though you wanted something else?'

Additionally, the instructors are delightful. All they do is teach - no additional service or research - and they're amazing at it. Encouraging and engaging, they have a range of activities and a way of making messages memorable.

Now if only they offered a 'how to do assignments more than an hour before they're due' or 'Be energetic on only 5 hours sleep!'

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Girlpostdoc said...

Maybe you'll blog about it so we can all learn how to make people do what we want even if they don't want to! It's definitely a skill I could use.

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